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The Dark Inevitability of Zionism

Among the growing assaults on freedom of speech is an Israeli-driven campaign to criminalize a campaign to boycott Israel over its racist persecution of Palestinians, writes Lawrence Davidson. By Lawr... read more

Drawing Straws: It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for an American to understand the truth

We are avoiding the inevitability of collapse, peak oil, peak everything, so we construct comforting (read: dopamine-triggering and sedating) realities, tied to bourgeois values, consumeristic habits, ... read more

A Psychoanalysis of Religions

Faith in God has been used as an alibi and an excuse for some of the worst crimes in the history of mankind, including anti-Semitism, often disguised in the present century as “anti-Zionism ... one mu... read more

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The Values That Make Judaism Unique

It’s no coincidence that Americans have always spoken of their country in strong messianic terms, with phrases like “manifest destiny” used to express the belief in American inevitability.) Jewish opt... read more

Yes, Gaza is still under siege

Other essentials coming in through the tunnels include generators to help cope with the blackouts that still leave Gaza dark for 8-12 hours per day ... the enclaved concentration camp, or the inevitab... read more

‘Is the Zionist dream based on the repeated slaughter of civilians?’

but he is obviously uncomfortable with the Zionist reality of occupation. And he recognizes the inevitability of violent resistance: What I cannot accept, however, is the perversion of Zionism that ha... read more

Book Review: On Ari Shavit's 'My Promised Land'

The Zionist story, re-told by the elite, for the elite. A new book by Haaretz journalist Ari Shavit won rare compliments in recent ... of Sephardi culture by Zionism but sees Arab culture as dark and ... read more

Thinking Outside the Two-State Box

“This is a resounding Zionist response,” he told the mourners ... Bank — and exclude Gaza — are driven by their “panic” as they “confront the inevitability of ‘losing’ the West Bank.” Seven years ago, ... read more

The Return of Nationalism

In eastern Europe, too, the nationalist monster is reawakening: dark forces that were kept under wraps in ... Even though I recognize its inevitability, I have the most ambivalent feelings for the civ... read more

More Letters to the Editor: Mideast

By now many people have written to object to Kurosh Arianapour’s Aug. 8 commentary, “Zionist Crimes in Lebanon ... “The Aftermath of Lebanon: Myths and Dark Plans." This one word must substitute for s... read more

If you are so rich, how come you are so left wing?

They just had to help hurry the inevitable revolution, which would solve all moral questions of its own accord What with one thing and another, Cohen could no longer believe in the inevitability ... c... read more

Reserve Bank's Holocaust denier

Her radio interviews have centred on topics such as Zionism and Nazi Germany several times ... systems of state creation of the money supply at zero interest—and the inevitability that those systems o... read more

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