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Property Rights Primer, Part 2: Is the Condemnation Clause in Your Lease Going to Cost You?

Understanding what rights a tenant has under common law principles, how and when those rights are valued, and how they can be modified by the terms of a condemnation clause in the lease ... for a more ... read more

The Cost of Function Use In A Where Clause

A common mistake made in writing SQL statements is to wrap filtering columns of a WHERE clause inside of a function. SQL server performance is very dependant on SQL's ability to properly use indexes ... read more

T-SQL Best Practices - Don't Use Scalar Value Functions in Column List or WHERE Clauses

For the purpose of this article I will be discussing the impacts of placing a scalar value function within a SELECT column list and/or a WHERE clause. I will then be showing you alternatives for using ... read more

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4 mistakes CIOs make in the digitization journey (and how to correct them)

With Digital Technologies transforming the IT (Enterprise IT) and business function, proper training and education needs to be imparted to the concerned users to enable optimum use of the ... read more

LAB 2.4: The WHERE Clause: Comparison and Logical Operators

They group expressions, all within the same WHERE clause of a single SQL statement. For example, the following SQL query combines two comparison operators with the help of the AND boolean operator. ... read more

Need a Boston birth certificate? You can now order one online

There was a basic search function that would allow ... Just as with death certificates, we’re using Stripe for payment processing. Birth certificates cost $14 per copy, and that price includes ... read more

Understanding the Use of No Contest Clauses In Alberta: Anderson Estate, 2017 ABQB 422 And Mawhinney v Scobie, 2019 ABCA 76

The Appeal Court noted that since the no contest clause specifically contemplated a challenge to the validity of the will, using Surrogate Rule 75 would ... This has been evident in cost awards in ... read more

The Health 202: Senate passage of 'gag clause' ban is just a tiny step to lowering drug prices

"Some have suggested that this state action and increased attention to the cost of prescription drugs has more or less solved this problem and greatly limited the use of gag clauses ... favored ... read more

Creating and using inline table-valued functions

In case we've forgotten or have never come across inline table-valued functions ... nth degree at the cost of maintainable code, the benefits of code reuse and encapsulation with iTVFs are one of the ... read more

Warm Welcome for BIMCO Cyber Security Clause for Shipping Contracts

The clause requires the affected party to notify the other party quickly, so that they can take the necessary counter-measures.” The association added that the cyber clause was designed for use in a ... read more

Managing the WHERE Clause

Functions ... optimizer can use the relevant indexes or do a table scan. Using the indexes means dumping results from each clause into an intermediate table and then removing duplicates from the ... read more

The Effect of Function Invocation on SQL Query Performance in IBM DB2

Function ... clause blank After data retrieval and after any sorts Functions provide a convenient way to manipulate data. However, they also consume CPU time and sometimes prevent the optimizer from ... read more

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