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The Cost Of Function Use In A Where Clause - Latest News

The Cost of Function Use In A Where Clause

A common mistake made in writing SQL statements is to wrap filtering columns of a WHERE clause inside of a function. SQL server performance is very dependant on SQL's ability to properly use indexes w... read more

Achieving Savings of $6 Million with the Help of a Category Management Strategy | SpendEdge

Improving the category management function not only makes for a smooth handoff but also ... re the preferred partner for leading Fortune 500 companies when it comes to cost benefit analysis and procur... read more

LAB 2.4: The WHERE Clause: Comparison and Logical Operators

They group expressions, all within the same WHERE clause of a single SQL statement. For example, the following SQL query combines two comparison operators with the help of the AND boolean operator. Th... read more

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Tacit Knowledge, a Pitney Bowes Company, Helps FitFlop Triple Online Sales

Rather than relying on an out-of-the-box template for the front-end, ncommerce fuses best-in-class technologies using a “Headless Commerce ... growing retailers – and the technology itself is cost pro... read more

Debate: Is the gut or the brain more important in regulating appetite and metabolism?

Imbalances in the control of appetite and metabolism can lead to obesity and diabetes, which have a negative impact on people's health and healthcare costs ... these functions could lead to ... read more

Oracle In-Memory in Practice

Queries which are highly selective, and include a predicate in the WHERE clause, gain the biggest benefits. In one case, a complex query intended for online analytics which took 11 seconds was complet... read more

Managing the WHERE Clause

Functions ... optimizer can use the relevant indexes or do a table scan. Using the indexes means dumping results from each clause into an intermediate table and then removing duplicates from the inter... read more

Easy to Understand Explanation of Consensus Algorithms

they are using computers to perform complex mathematical functions called Hash functions in hopes of finding new, very specifically formatted, hashes. To make the concept of Proof of Work ... read more

Kenya: KRA Unearths Tricks Foreign Firms Use to Dodge Paying Taxes

Some multinationals operating in the country claim they "pay expatriates less than local employees", exaggerate costs ... they use their branches in Kenya to artificially strip their functions ... read more


Dress up as your favorite holiday character, be it an elf, a reindeer, a nutcracker, or even Santa Clause himself. Tickets are $20 each ... ornament decorating and face painting. Cost is $1 each. Gues... read more

The hidden costs of serverless

When running on AWS Lambda, the function costs for TimerCheck were incredibly low — at just $0.22 for over 2M requests and 300k+ seconds of compute. Sounds a lot better than paying for an entire serve... read more

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