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The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

I am staring at a photograph of myself that shows me 20 years older than I am now. I have not stepped into the twilight zone. Rather, I am trying to rid myself of some measure of my present bias, ... read more

3 Ways Your Brain Can Trick You Into Making Bad Decisions

you’ll have a much better idea of what your decision-making parameters should be. One of the best-known cognitive biases, the confirmation bias plays tricks on your ability to assess evidence for or ... read more

Now That You Are A Soldier In The Cyber War You Must Know Your Cognitive Biases

Your ... the 12 Cognitive Biases: Learning these biases can help you keep your wits about you in this age of interconnected computers and global cyber war. You see, the bad guys also study human ... read more

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These are the three types of bias that explain all the fake news, pseudoscience, and other junk in your News Feed

To avoid getting overwhelmed, the brain uses a number of tricks. These methods are usually effective, but may also become biases when applied in the wrong contexts. One cognitive shortcut happens when ... read more

The Cognitive Biases That Convince You the World Is Falling Apart

If you turn on the TV or open up your web browser, you’re almost guaranteed to be bombarded by bad news. But is the world really doomed? Or is your animal brain playing tricks on you ... seem so ... read more

We often look for reasons to fail—but you can retrain your brain to win

Confirmation bias is the ... and anxiety. Cognitive dissonance triggers a fight or flight response—you either dig in your heels and double down on your existing beliefs (fight) or get away from the ... read more

8 Weird Tricks Your Brain Plays On You Every Day, Explained By Science

This phenomenon is a trick of your brain, however, called "The Illusion of Transparency." "The illusion of transparency is a cognitive bias that causes us to overestimate the degree to which other ... read more

You are almost definitely not living in reality because your brain doesn’t want you to

Every cognitive bias exists for a reason—primarily to save our ... we have no choice but to filter almost all of it out. Our brain uses a few simple tricks to pick out the bits of information that are ... read more

The Cognitive Biases That Lead to Bad Money Decisions

Our brains often work against us when it comes to financial decisions, but if you recognize these cognitive ... your milestones one step at a time, though, and make the overall change gradual, you can ... read more

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