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The Cognitive Biases That Convince You the World Is Falling Apart

If you turn on the TV or open up your web browser, you’re almost guaranteed to be bombarded by bad news. But is the world really doomed? Or is your animal brain playing tricks on you ... seem so crumm... read more

These are the three types of bias that explain all the fake news, pseudoscience, and other junk in your News Feed

To avoid getting overwhelmed, the brain uses a number of tricks. These methods are usually effective, but may also become biases when applied in the wrong contexts. One cognitive shortcut happens when ... read more

We often look for reasons to fail—but you can retrain your brain to win

Confirmation bias is the ... and anxiety. Cognitive dissonance triggers a fight or flight response—you either dig in your heels and double down on your existing beliefs (fight) or get away from the op... read more

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The science of seeing art and color

Signals are then transmitted back and forth between the visual cortex and other higher-level parts of the brain, including those involved in attention, memory, experience, and biases ... a trick quest... read more

How Your Brain Lies with Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is a particularly prominent way humans get things wrong. Make a decision, or even just hold an opinion on something, and from then on your sneaky brain will make you ... also snuck i... read more

A Cognitive Trick for Solving Problems Creatively

How can you innovate if your thinking is anchored in past experience? But I’m not sure that questioning biases from your ... on the basis of further cognitive or experiential input. If we apply this p... read more

Cognitive bias in software development considered harmful

Books like Predictably Irrational (and its sequel, Upside of Irrationality) painstaking document the ways that we fall victim to our own cognitive biases, tripping over ... follow to make sure that wh... read more

How your brain tricks you when buying a car

It turns out we humans are a mess of irrational impulses and biases ... ‘cognitive biases’. Below Morgan gives examples of some of these effects in the car market. “You mind has a tendency to latch on... read more

The Cognitive Biases That Lead to Bad Money Decisions

Our brains often work against us when it comes to financial decisions, but if you recognize these cognitive ... your milestones one step at a time, though, and make the overall change gradual, you can ... read more

Overcome cognitive biases with's innovative trading technology

They are, in fact, a bi-product of the brain's effort-saving mechanisms ... Anastasia Akula, COO of, stated: "The app will detect cognitive biases that may negatively influence your tradin... read more

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