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The Civilized Way To Use Linux Kill Signals To Shut Down Processes - Latest News

There's more than one way to kill a Unix process

Terminating processes on Unix systems ... tells the process to shut down and is generally safe, though -1 (-HUP) is still the gentlest and most predictable. You can get a complete list of the signals ... read more

License to SIGKILL

It accepts requests into a master process and then hands them off to the next available child. If the system that is running the Puma master process needs to shut down ... Another way that you can ... read more

Thread-Specific Data and Signal Handling in Multi-Threaded Applications

In this article I'll explain how these questions can be dealt with in C programs using one of the POSIX (or almost POSIX) multi-threading packages available for Linux ... of what signals are. Signals ... read more

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The docker kill command

But there’s a quicker way to ... the kill command sends a SIGKILL signal. There’s a really good article here explaining the differences between the two signals but from what I can gather, the stop ... read more

Toward race-free process signaling

Signals have existed in Unix systems for years, despite the general consensus that they are an example of a bad design. Extensions and new ways ... process up to the maximum value, and then go back to ... read more

The Rebirth of Linux

here are some of the key elements emerging that could signal the rebirth of Linux ... Linux world is just exiting a kind of user experience shake down as Unity and GNOME 3 type of interfaces made ... read more

Kill Processes Quickly With Slay

But for a quick, clean kill, there's slay. If you must kill all processes ... hands-down fastest way to do it. Slay was originally written by Chris Ausbrooks, and it has been "heavily rewritten for ... read more

How to keep Linux from hanging up on you

One way around ... you can use a normal kill PID command (sends a SIGTERM, signal 15) or a kill -9 (sends a SIGKILL, signal 9). A process running with nohup is only immune to SIGHUP (signal 1) which ... read more

Killing processes that don't want to die

But the code in the process is currently controlled by an attacker who doesn't want it to be killed. We obviously know the process ID (PID) of the initial process we forked, so we could just use the ... read more

Launching External Processes in Python

When I invoke ls on the command line, I'm starting a process. And when I tell my computer to shut down, it does so by killing each ... are all sorts of ways to start processes in Python. In modern ... read more

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