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The Case for a Non-Profit Single-Payer Healthcare System

Our current fragmented, dysfunctional, for-profit health care system is broken. Internationally we rank poorly in both process and outcomes; yet, we are by far the most expensive health care system in ... read more

50,000% markup for a shot makes the case for a single-payer healthcare system

A single-payer healthcare system once again is being talked about for California ... The reality is that California could, and should, serve as a test case for nationwide universal coverage. It wouldn ... read more

The Health 202: Republicans and Democrats paint scary visions for health care if the other side wins

“The effort to tie swing-district candidates to a single-payer concept — which Democrats are deeply divided on — illustrates the GOP's major disadvantage on health care after failing ... are already c... read more

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A conservative case for single-payer health care

In the grand sweepstakes that is America's health-care system ... spring up in the case of the military. Should we privatize that too, lest we fall behind the denizens of the SeaOrbiter in the quest f... read more

A conference for caregivers supports the unpaid ‘backbone of the healthcare system’

But one Wyncote-based nonprofit believes that you can ... She wishes that weren’t the case. Caregivers are “the backbone of the healthcare system” because of donated time, energy, homes and savings,” ... read more

Letter: The case for single payer health care in the US

I have been dismayed by all the proposed plans of both national political parties, both Republicans and Democrats, who try to posture health care ... a statewide single-payer system that was narrowly ... read more

Richard Master: A businessman makes the case for a single-payer health care system

Single payer — centralized public financing of a continued privately operated health system — will not "bankrupt the United States." In fact, the opposite is true. Single payer is the only internation... read more

GOP ads falsely depict Democrats as supporters of Sanders’s health plan

“Under the health-care plan Xochitl Torres Small supports, employer-based health coverage would be eliminated, forcing everyone into a massive government-run system ... at being open to the single-pay... read more

Obama Justice Department makes case against single-payer healthcare

In filing suit against mammoth health insurance mergers, they’ve explained that reduced competition limits options for consumers, raises costs, and threatens access to care. That’s exactly why a singl... read more

The Case for Single-Price Health Care

You’ve heard of single-payer. This is the case for single-price. To show why direct cost controls are the best fix for our broken health care system, we need to get straight on what’s causing the cris... read more

The Hobby Lobby case proves the necessity of single-payer healthcare

This is essentially a definition of single-payer healthcare ... could follow the path it already has laid down for nonprofit religious organizations objecting to the birth control mandate. In those ca... read more

Savings from a single-payer health system would not be automatic

Polls have shown increasing public support for single payer. Yet there is no agreement on how to set up and pay for a single-payer system ... (payment for health care services along with associated ad... read more

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