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The Business Of Voluntourism: Do Western Dogooders Actually Do Harm - Latest News

The Khashoggi Affair Pits Vigorous Human Rights Defense Against Idealism

If the Western business ... day come to bring harm to the very people they seek to protect because their personal feelings against particular governments are stronger than their motivation to do whate... read more

Think Again: The Afghan Drug Trade

But just because the Taliban benefit from the heroin business doesn’t mean the heroin business ... worldwide drug cultivation — and it doesn’t — at least the do-gooders do no harm, right? No one doubt... read more

Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world — here are 2 scenarios for how that plays out

And in spite of the combined hatred of the global community of do-gooders ... the Western values of freedom, democracy, the rule of law, and human rights. Now we will see how powerful the self-regulat... read more

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Are we more interested in feeling good than actually doing good?

‘Voluntourism’ has exploded in recent years as the hottest travel trend and a rite of passage for gap year students, but experts say it’s doing more harm than good ... After all, what qualifications d... read more

There is No Sheltered Rear: So Stand Up, Get Angry, and Don’t Take it Anymore!

There is no sheltered rear. — Paul Robeson, Here I Stand ... These are the crimes of the weak, the so-called do-gooders. And their crimes go unchallenged, unnoticed, and under-discussed. Because this ... read more


Tonight do-gooders' attempts to fix two of the most annoying things about going out in public: breathing other people's cigarette smoke and those long lines at the women's restroom. Is it really gende... read more

Somalia: Development by other means - Wildcat

At present the US Army is being reorganised as a force which can actually take over pieces of territory ... being enthusiastically supported by hordes of young middle class Western do-gooders who buil... read more

Gail Jarvis

The Left and its compliant news media obsesses about “White privilege” and the harm they claim it’s causing our nation ... vu when they witness the antics of today’s post-pubertal do-gooders. Like the ... read more

VIDEO: The Fightback against the Nanny State

VIDEO: The Fightback against the Nanny State Picture: Liberal Democrats WA The nanny state is far from a new concept. Indeed, it’s considerably older than I am. The British Conservative MP Ian Macleod ... read more

hakujinsensei comments

Most of these do-gooders are ... who has been in Japan drone on as so many posters here have done about J folk being unable to think critically... Of course they can solve problems, think thru issues, ... read more

Carbon labels present taxing problem

In this week's Green Room, he argues that carbon labelling schemes will harm exports, especially from ... spending without concern hard earned tax money of western blue/white collar workers. These do ... read more

Oil, risk and technology: Choices we need to make

Wilson Bell, Calgary, Canada As usual all the Greenie do gooders scream their protests but ... (read: tomorrow's leaders in politics and business). ONLY when the individual American actually experienc... read more

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