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The Atlantic Dares To Ask If Exorcisms And Thus The Supernatural May Be Real After All - Latest News

The Atlantic dares to ask if exorcisms (and thus the supernatural) may be real after all

Five years ago, I had a chance to eat lunch with the late William Peter Blatty, an articulate Catholic apologist who won an Academy Award for turning his novel, "The Exorcist," into a stunning Hollywo... read more

Why steal the blood of the Blessed Pope John Paul II?

So let’s talk about the theft of that relic containing the blood of the Blessed Pope John Paul II ... all considered of great religious value. As the late pontiff’s blood would be difficult to sell, I... read more

A Universe from Nothing?

Some of you may have been following a ... what does it mean to talk about “a universe from nothing”? We still have to distinguish between two possibilities, but at least this two-element list exhausts ... read more

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Will camel discovery break the Bible's back?

But according to the traditional biblical chronology, the patriarchs were schlepping around Canaan on camels over a millennium earlier, all the way back in 2100 BCE Taken on its own, this may seem a r... read more


Students thus delved into the primary ... in the religious marketplace.” I went on to ask, Just possibly, that marketplace really has changed in an unprecedented way, to reduce the public taste for su... read more

Most Anticipated: The Great Second-Half 2016 Book Preview

His publisher doesn’t want his new book, but he’s in for a surprise: he sees his long-estranged mother on the news after she throws rocks at a right-wing demagogue presidential candidate. The candidat... read more

The Strange World of Russian ‘Trolls’

By William Blum Webster’s dictionary: troll – verb: To fish by running a baited line behind a moving boat; noun: A supernatural creature of Scandinavian ... Clinton,” and that some ads were purchased ... read more

Psychological correlates of the placebo that is acupuncture

There, I learned that it doesn’t matter where you stick the needles, thus invalidating any concepts of ... Of course, the science-based view would be to ask this: Why is acupuncture even needed at all ... read more

Illinois bishop plans gay-marriage exorcism

Pat Quinn signs the gay marriage ... God" and says all Catholics who support it - from legislators to county clerks who issue marriage licenses - are "culpable of serious sin." The bishop has invited ... read more

Erasing false balance: the right is more antiscience than the left

Moreover, we are talking here about the willful advancement of dangerous falsehoods, and the clinging to them in the face of all evidence and refutation—because this is about unwavering certainty, and ... read more

Sometimes antivaccinationists reveal more than they intend about why they blame vaccines for autism

First of all, the not-too-subtle message here is that kids are born autistic. When we have perfected genetic testing, it may be possible to detect which ... be a comforting illusion to them, that thei... read more

My First Day as CIA Director

I want to hear what that’s all ... shall ask any of the “handpicked” analysts who specialize in analysis of Russia (and, hopefully, there are at least a few): Do you share Clapper’s view, as he explai... read more

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