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The 14-Year-Old Who Convinced People to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide

In the spring of 1997, a 14-year-old’s school science fair project made a convincing argument to ban a dangerous chemical compound: dihydrogen monoxide, known as DHMO. Nathan Zohner, a junior high ... read more

Is Dihydrogen Monoxide Dangerous?

He said dihydrogen monoxide ... of people every year, and withdrawal from which, for those who become dependent on it, means certain death. “I had to respond that the experts had no intention of doing ... read more

An anti-scientific cult has way too much control over non-GMO food labels

Nathan Zohner was a 14-year-old who ... What is dihydrogen monoxide? Just a complicated chemical name for water. Rather than ask teachers about it or do any of their own investigation, 86 percent of ... read more

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Happy Birthday, Neil deGrasse Tyson!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Neil deGrasse Tyson ... a story about a 14-year-old student at a school science fair. "He invited people to sign a petition that demanded either strict control of, ... read more

Ten big fat lies about fracking

Everything is a chemical. Don’t be duped by bad science (like the people these American comedians convinced to ban the scary sounding ‘dihydrogen monoxide’). 7) Fracking causes breast cancer In his ... read more

National MP falls victim to water hoax

National MP Jacqui Dean has been caught out by a long-running hoax that seeks to trick gullible MPs into calling for a ban on "dihydrogen monoxide" - or water ... public attention in 1997 when a ... read more

America’s Realizing It Might Not Want to Eat Muscle-Enhanced Pork

Consider the dihydrogen monoxide hoax, wherein people have been convinced to sign petitions to ban tap water when told of its chemical name and properties. In short, farmers are afraid—and rightly ... read more

Letters: Armed school guards won’t make Florida schools safer

Is it their fault people ... this in 1997. A 14-year-old named Nathan Zohner wrote a research paper called "How Gullible are We?" Part of his research included a petition he circulated looking for ... read more

The internet will never be idiot-proof

One site, has a pretty good example of the kind of warnings surrounding this very real substance: Dihydrogen monoxide is colourless, odourless, ... read more

Google-Topeka Trick Joins Historic April Fools' Hoaxes

Versions of the email continue to circulate, and several Web sites, including that of the Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide ... people consider the crop formations to be the greatest works of ... read more

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