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Ten Things You Dont Know About Black Holes - Latest News

10 Weird Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Milky Way

It’s thought that supermassive black holes are parked in the cores of most galaxies, and some are feeding on nearby matter so greedily they shoot out jets of powerful radiation visible from millions o... read more

Ten things you don't know about black holes

Mwuhahahaha. So below I present ten facts about black holes — the third in my series of Ten Things You Don’t Know (the first was on the Milky Way; the second about the Earth). Regular readers will kno... read more

How Do You Take a Picture of a Black Hole? With a Telescope as Big as the Earth

We know that if you travel inbound from ... no larger than 10 meters in diameter. There is another problem. Yes, the earth’s atmosphere lets in the microwaves coming from the edge of the black hole, b... read more

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What does a black hole look like?

Sgr A* (pronounced Saj-A-star) is the largest black hole in our night sky, but we don't know what it looks like ... Those pictures you see on the web or in TV documentaries are illustrations ... read more

7 Things I Learned From Building An AI Chatbot For Leadership Development

My mission is to spark 100 million leaders in the next ten ... you get an answer for a different question) The mismatch issue is important for two reasons. First, people get annoyed. When someone asks ... read more

You'd Never Guess These Chic Rose Gold Hangers Are Command Hooks

There's something all too satisfying about hanging things up using Command Hooks. You don't have to hammer nails into the wall—or patch holes ... black. The medium hooks cost $7.99 apiece, holding up ... read more

Top 10 cool things about stars

Here’s a collection of 10 unexpected, intriguing facts about the stars of our universe – including our sun – that you probably didn’t know! 1. Every star you ... (One quintillion is 10^18!) 10. Black ... read more

What you need to know about the case challenging affirmative action at Harvard

None of this is to say that Asian Americans don’t experience discrimination in the ... have a bachelor’s degree or higher, but just 10 percent of Laotian adults so. When examining college ... read more

Alec Baldwin Receives Backlash After Saying 'Black People Love Me'

"I don't know ... "Black people love me". Dude, do you listen to yourself? Don't you get how cringe saying something like that is? Don't you get it? Does fame make people autistic or something? https: ... read more

A guide to pot stocks: What you need to know to invest in cannabis companies

We are also rounding up others that could grow to challenge these companies, and some that will offer products or services connected to marijuana that don’t involve selling weed ... In a notice sent O... read more

10 things you need to know about Apple’s iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr

Apple clearly saved a few big launches for next month since we know some things like new iPad Pro models are ... expensive iPhone Xr might not have an OLED screen, but don’t let that stop you. Apple s... read more

Ten things you don't know about black holes

Well, they're black, and they're like bottomless holes. What would you call them? -Me, when a friend asked me why they're named what they are Ah, black holes. The ultimate shiver-inducer of the cosmos ... read more

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