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U.S. Open 2019: 17 things you don't remember from the last time Pebble Beach hosted the U.S. Open

"I bogeyed 9 and 10 ... you're not expecting Gregory Havret to be the guy you've got to fend off." We'll get to Gregory Havret in a bit, because his performance was even more unlikely than G-Mac's, ... read more

10 Weird Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Milky Way

It’s thought that supermassive black holes are parked in the cores of most galaxies, and some are feeding on nearby matter so greedily they shoot out jets of powerful radiation visible from millions ... read more

No, Black Holes Don't Suck Everything Into Them

We think of black holes as cosmic vacuum cleaners, consuming everything that dares to approach their vicinity. Even though NASA itself has released videos illustrating this effect, it's a complete ... read more

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Ten things you don't know about black holes

Mwuhahahaha. So below I present ten facts about black holes — the third in my series of Ten Things You Don’t Know (the first was on the Milky Way; the second about the Earth). Regular readers will ... read more

10 things you should know about black holes

Why did Hawking say last year that black holes don’t exist? He meant he thinks ... we are certain that black holes exist, we know where they are, how they form, and how they’ll eventually, on ... read more

Astronomers Determine Mass of Small Black Hole at Center of Nearby Galaxy

"This regime of dwarf galaxies is largely unexplored when it comes to the properties of their nuclear black holes," Gallo said. "We don't even know if every ... http://dx.doi.org/10.1038 ... read more

‘Best ever’ simulation solves 40-year black hole mystery

Alexander Tchekhovskoy, assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, likened matter accumulating near a black hole to throwing a dart towards ... read more

See a black hole for the first time in a historic image from the Event Horizon Telescope

Scientists have finally captured the first image of a black hole, a bottomless pit in the fabric of the universe from which not even light can escape. Black holes are perhaps the strangest things ... ... read more

Ten things you don’t know about black holes

Well, they’re black, and they’re like bottomless holes. What would you call them? -Me, when a friend asked me why they’re named what they are Ah, black holes. The ultimate shiver-inducer of the cosmos ... read more

10 Things To Know Before You Start Playing 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite'

Here are ten things to know before you start playing ... of taking everything they can get. But as you advance and start filling specific holes in your registry this is a handy thing to remember. ... read more

10 Things You Didn't Know About Black Holes

Let’s first get one misconception out of the way: Black holes scattered across the universe are not empty spaces, but in fact a lot of matter crammed into a small area. Their density is so extreme ... read more

10 things you should know about black holes (Synopsis)

Earlier this week, Stephen Hawking shook up the world when he announced that he had uncovered the solution to the black hole information paradox at a conference in Stockholm. When particles fall into ... read more

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