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Telford Bricklayer Who Collapsed While Walking With Friend Died Of Natural Causes - Latest News

Telford bricklayer who collapsed while walking with friend 'died of natural causes'

A 36-year-old bricklayer who was walking with a friend in Telford collapsed and died two hours later in hospital, an inquest has heard. Richard James Brassington, of Woodside, Telford, collapsed in Wa... read more

Massive interstate bridge collapse in Minnesota

All you do is look at the bridge and say, "looks fine to me," and ignore the hidden problems, hoping that it won't collapse while you are governor. It worked for Arne Carlson, it worked for Jesse Vent... read more

Acceptable Bigotry and Scapegoating of Russia

While in Krasnodar I met a dozen or more professionals, from lawyers to engineers and doctors, who lived in the city and were part of another civic group engaged in charitable, conservation and youth ... read more

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Show some respect or walk away

In sport, if not in politics, respect can and should be demanded. Australia's Test vice-captain Shane Watson should learn that lesson quickly or do the honourable thing and walk, writes Barrie Cassidy ... read more

The Evolving Jesus Story

If the Bible story were true, it would be consistent. It wouldn’t change with time. God’s personality wouldn’t change, God’s plan of salvation wouldn’t change, and the details of the Jesus story would... read more

Roger Pielke Jr. on FiveThirtyEight and his Climate Critics

Earlier in the year, Roger Pielke Jr. was named as a contributing writer for Nate Silver’s newly re-launched FiveThirtyEight site. Shortly after that, Pielke, a climate policy scholar and political sc... read more

Newt makes his pitch

This is ultimately about money, my friends. You need to think more like Newt -- Ka-ching ... But then Newt goes on to talk about God and the "natural order" of things. It's not his most persuasive pas... read more

A message to the TV industry

This weekend around 2000 representatives of the television industry will gather in Edinburgh for the International TV Festival. Traditionally the festival offers the chance for those for make their li... read more

Meet George Allen, the Republican Party's Great White Hope

If you think George W. Bush is scary, wait'll you see who conservative Republicans are favoring for the 2008 presidential nomination. Senator George Allen of Virginia is special. When his campaign ral... read more

Quit Your Bellyachin' About Antiwar Demonstrations

friend. But guess what? A.N.S.W.E.R. has done yeoman's work ... Volunteer to help them, contribute money, organize fund-raisers, walk precincts, write their speeches, lead or join their advance team. ... read more

The two-party duopoly became too clever by half

all part of this sudden flux in Australian politics. "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." Pauline Hanson is part of that. What happened? Well, maybe politi... read more

What's wrong with Britain?

Then the banks collapsed. In St David's ... city refuseniks and Brit-art geniuses. Hear their answer to "What's wrong with Britain and how do we fix it?" - and hit the comments button to give us yours ... read more

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