Three Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing New Real Estate Technology

Many businesses—in the real estate industry and beyond—have been hesitant to adopt new technology due to a number of factors. But the truth is that taking advantage of the right solutions will help ... read more

How Technology Is Changing Pharmacies For The Better

I believe that improving patients’ lives starts by improving their access and adherence to prescription medication. read more

Opinion: CO2 pipeline technology is safe and beneficial

More: Builders vow CO2 pipelines will be safe. Worried Iowans point to a Mississippi rupture. First, there seems to be a perception that pipelines are used infrequently, when in reality these systems ... read more

New weapons detection technology aims to spot guns in crowds

ABC News’ Jay O’Brien reports on gun-detecting devices being deployed in stadiums, amusement parks and schools to try to easily spot more guns in crowded spaces. read more

4 Oversold Technology Stocks to Buy Amid Market Uncertainties

Investors may consider adding beaten-down tech stocks like ZS, PSTG, COUP and RNG to their portfolio amid the currently volatile market environment and gain from their upside potential. read more

New technology hopes to reduce risk of whales being struck by ships

Elizabeth Cook speaks with researcher Jeff Boam about the issue of marine life being struck by ships, and what a new technology can do to prevent it. (9/22/2022) ... read more

How ‘Chip War’ Puts Nations In Technology Arms Race

The crushingly complex, high-stakes business of making semiconductors has always been a battle between global giants. Now it’s also a race among governments. These critical bits of technology — also ... read more

Coinbase sued for patent infringement over crypto transfer technology

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc is facing a patent lawsuit related to its digital trading technology, brought by a crypto company whose digital token offering led to a settlement with U.S. read more

Portland, Oregon, to begin using ShotSpotter technology to track gunshots in the city.

Portland's mayor is launching a system using hidden microphones to track gunshots across the city. Police can use the data from the microphones to investigate and deter crime. read more

Meta says it will challenge $175 mln patent verdict over video technology

Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc said it will appeal a nearly $175 million verdict awarded Wednesday by jurors in Austin, Texas, who found it infringed two patents belonging to walkie-talkie app ... read more

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