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Tax-Loss Harvesting With ETFs

Harvesting losses in your portfolio can save you money at tax time. The "wash sale" rule means you can't take a taxable loss on a security if you buy it back within 30 days. Buying an ETF that's simil... read more

‘Tis the Season For Tax Loss Harvesting

ETFs offer an advantage when it comes to tax loss harvesting because the IRS also does not consider them “substantially identical” to mutual funds. Furthermore, it is fairly easy to examine if the ETF ... read more

ETF Tax Loss Harvesting is Decadent and Depraved

You see, there’s a difference between the tax-loss harvesting in a textbook and the shady ETF Portfolio Tax Loss Harvesting that many Robo Advisors employ to convince customers that their plans outper... read more

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Gen Z’s Biggest ETF Questions

I have to admit: It's a pretty sweet setup. It's no surprise most Vanguard investors are die-hards. Can you tax-loss harvest with ETFs? Yes! And you can do so to great effect. We've covered tax-loss h... read more

Tax Loss Harvesting With ETFs: 6 Ideas To Lower Client Liabilities

Innovation across the exchange-traded universe has brought forth a host of investment strategies to mainstream investors, allowing for access to previously difficult to reach corners of the global fin... read more

Can I sell a losing stock, deduct the losses and then buy it back?

Answer: The act of selling losing stocks in order to deduct the losses is known as tax-loss harvesting and can be a very smart way ... However, in the case of mutual funds or ETFs, it can mean buying ... read more

What to Watch for With ETF Tax-Loss Harvesting

MICHAEL KITCES: With this year’s market turmoil and most stock indexes down for the year, tax-loss harvesting is back on the table as a popular strategy for 2015. read more

Tax loss harvesting with ETFs out of vogue

Using exchange-traded funds in harvesting losses to offset taxable gains can save investors money. The "tax loss harvesting" strategy was used extensively over the past few years when the stock market ... read more

Tax-Loss Harvesting With ETFs

It's December 31 and that means you have a few more hours to harvest capital losses this year. Here's how to do it. Taxes are the bogeyman of investing. Fortunately, once a year, the IRS gives you the ... read more

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