Matty 'J' Johnson talks about the devastating miscarriages he and fiancée Laura Byrne suffered

Former Bachelor star Matty J has spoken about how he and fiancée Laura Byrne dealt with their heartbreaking miscarriages and how he overcame them as a father. read more

Halle Berry talks about new film ‘Moonfall’ and reflects on Oscar win 20 years ago

Berry, who plays a NASA executive trying to save the world after the moon is knocked out of orbit, is the first and only Black woman to win the best actress Oscar for “Monster’s Ball.” ... read more

Russia isn't optimistic about US reply to demands; talks on Ukraine continue: What we know

Russia wants guarantees that Ukraine won't join NATO, but the US won't agree to that. Here's what's happening in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. read more

Iran president claims Putin is helping him to 'neutralize' US sanctions with talks about up to $10billion of trade after it was disclosed three US diplomats negotiating nuclear ...

The Iranian president touted a closer alliance with Russia in an interview Tuesday, describing how they were trying to 'neutralize' U.S. sanctions with talks about generating up to $10 billion in ... read more

Katie Price says she’s in talks with Netflix and Amazon over show about her crazy life

Katie Price discussed her future TV projects as she announced she was launching her own OnlyFans channel, which she claimed would help to ‘empower women’ ... read more

Bill Cosby spokesperson slams 'We Need to Talk About Cosby' and calls director W. Kamau Bell a 'PR hack'

A spokesperson for Bill Cosby accused W. Kamau Bell's four-part Showtime documentary of perpetuating "omitted truths." ... read more

WATCH: N.L. leads the country in vaccinating kids for COVID-19. An Eastern Health doctor talks about why

Dr. Natalie Bridger, a pediatric infectious disease physician with Eastern Health, talks about some of the reasons why parents in N.L. have been so willing to get their kids vaccinated. Watch her ... read more

Nina Metz: With the docuseries ‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ on Showtime, director W. Kamau Bell dares you to look away

In Season 2 of “The Cosby Show,” there’s an episode titled “Happy Anniversary” wherein the entire Huxtable family gathers in front of their living room staircase to perform a lip-synced version of the ... read more

‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’ Director W. Kamau Bell Thinks There’s ‘No Point’ to Meeting with Bill Cosby

Exclusive: Director W. Kamau Bell said the “next step” is really about system reform, not “a rapist who had a TV show once.” Watch the IndieWire Studio presented by Adobe ... read more

Toronto actor Kevin Alves talks about filming ‘Yellowjackets’ and the thrill of not knowing what comes next

The Toronto actor who plays Travis on his love of mysteries, the fun of not knowing what comes next and portraying Travis’s fear in Episode 9. read more

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