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Table Space Used in DB

So I was looking for a script that I wrote to sort tables by size years ago, it was 3am and I remember how fiddly it was in that old script where I had to change the script for the sort that I wanted ... read more

Handling Disaster Recovery When Using Oracle Managed Files

Let's look at what Oracle Managed Files does and why a script to create the controlfile can't originate from the primary database. Oracle Managed Files, for those not familiar with them, are dynamical... read more

The Phantom Tablespace

and yet the tablespace is present in the database? Have I lost data? Is there corruption? Fortunately, the answer to all of these questions do not involve data loss and/or corruption. It is a quirk of ... read more

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Authorities and Privileges

... configuration file is used to control the amount of system resources allocated to a single database during normal operation.) Force users off the system. Create or destroy (drop) a database. Creat... read more

Users, Databases, Schemas, and how they fit together in Postgresql

A directory must exist and be empty before being used as a tablespace. A good practice regarding schemas and databases is to have one database per application, and one schema per application component ... read more

Get started with SQL Operations Studio in 7 steps

The shell used in the Integrated Terminal defaults to $SHELL on Linux ... SQL Ops Studio includes several Insight widgets out of the box, including Table-space-DB-insight, Query-data-store-DB-insight, ... read more

The Impact of Change on Database Structures

When the data requirements of an organization change, the databases used to store the data must also change ... moving a table or table space to another database; moving a table from one table space t... read more

Querying V$ Views to Obtain Backup Information

Use V$DATAFILE, V$LOGFILE and V$CONTROLFILE ... nor offline tablespace backups require the datafiles of a tablespace to be in backup mode. The V$BACKUP view is most useful when the database is open. I... read more

PostgreSQL 11: something for everyone

While the final release of the relational database-management system (currently slated for ... Individual partitions can be indexed, migrated to a different filesystem/tablespace, or dropped altogethe... read more

Oracle for the SQL Server Guy - Instances and Databases

Similar to Tempdb database in SQL Server. Undo Tablespace (Undo): An Oracle database has a method of managing information that is used to roll back, or undo, changes to the database. The information c... read more

Oracle DBA: Backup and Recovery Scripts

Having the right backup and recovery procedures ... Figure 3.2. These general steps are used in writing hot backup scripts for Unix and Windows NT. The steps in Figure 3.2 are explained as follows. St... read more

Top 10 Steps to Building Useful Database Indexes

Designing an appropriate set of indexes can be one of the more troubling aspects of developing efficient relational database ... table space. For example, suppose that there is an index on the DEPTNO ... read more

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