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Table Space Used in DB

So I was looking for a script that I wrote to sort tables by size years ago, it was 3am and I remember how fiddly it was in that old script where I had to change the script for the sort that I wanted ... read more

Monitoring Tablespace Usage in Oracle

column value new_value dbblocksz noprint select value from v$parameter where name = 'db_block_size'; select tablespace_name, used_space used_blocks, (used_space*&dbblocksz)/(1024*1024) used_mb, ... read more

Authorities and Privileges

... configuration file is used to control the amount of system resources allocated to a single database during normal operation.) Force users off the system. Create or destroy (drop) a database. ... read more

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What is an In-Memory Database System?

There are varied techniques and approaches that can be used to accomplish in-memory database processing ... Consider an RDBMS with table space files stored on SSDs. The RDBMS will still cache or ... read more

Trouble with Oracle's DBA_TABLESPACE_USAGE_METRICS For The UNDO Tablespace

and the tablespace 'disappears' from the view entirely as these results from a newly created 12.2 database show: TABLESPACE_NAME USED_SPACE TABLESPACE_SIZE USED_PERCENT ----- ----- ----- ----- AUD_01 ... read more

Database encryption demystified: Four common misconceptions

Tablespace-level encryption methods for the ... incorporating triggers used to intercept the encrypted data, API calls outside of the database server, and in some cases require a network roundtrip to ... read more

Oracle DBA: Backup and Recovery Scripts

Having the right backup and recovery procedures ... Figure 3.2. These general steps are used in writing hot backup scripts for Unix and Windows NT. The steps in Figure 3.2 are explained as follows. ... read more

Move to the Oracle Cloud

Even if the automated tools determine that an Oracle licensable product should be used to optimize ... 5 methods for Database Cloud migration, including: RMAN Cross Platform Transportable PDB, ... read more

The Impact of Change on Database Structures

When the data requirements of an organization change, the databases used to store the data must also change ... moving a table or table space to another database; moving a table from one table space ... read more

The Real World: Implementing Data Compression in SQL Server 2008 R2

Space Savings # ##### USE DB_NAME GO create table space_savings ([object_name] varchar(50) ,[schema_name] varchar(30) ,[index_id] int ,[partition_number] int ,[size_with_current_compression_setting(KB ... read more

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