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Supernatural: The 25 Most Powerful And 5 Weakest Beings Officially Ranked - Latest News

Every Stephen King Movie, Ranked Worst to Best (Photos)

Both actors make the most of their roles, with Moore in particular having a wild time, however this respectable but unremarkable remake never quite feels as raw and frightening as the original. 25. ... read more

Forging the Dragonslayer

Costlier than most other steels (it runs roughly $10 per pound), C69 is ... But given the enormous amount of testing involved in building machines that carry human beings around, QuesTek will prime ... read more

The 25 Best Onscreen Female Superheroes

So aside from the fact that Slater’s Supergirl was the weakest Kryptonian ... a normal life despite being on the run from the government lab that created her gave Max a crucial added layer that too ... read more

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2019 NBA Draft Big Board: B/R's Official Top 50 Prospects

With one week to go before the NBA draft, Bleacher Report's big board is officially ... At 6'5", 241 pounds with 6.8 percent body fat, Schofield has a unique, powerful body. His consistent ... read more

The NFL’s best and worst running back stables, ranked from teams 1-32

The result was a lineup 1-32 of the NFL’s most potent backfields. So, with an eye on depth, power, and flexibility in mind, let’s take a look at the strongest — and weakest — backfields ... workload ... read more

The 14 best universities in the Arab world

Cairo University, Egypt — Understandably given its location just a 25-minute drive from the pyramids ... the former boss of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and one time 27th most powerful man on ... read more

The Sumo Matchup Centuries In The Making

That it would be used by an all-time great in one of the most consequential matches of his ... Raiden was about an inch and a half taller and 25 to 35 pounds heavier. Hakuho, by virtue of being less ... read more

The ‘Charmed’ reboot pilot pays homage but establishes itself as a different entity

Unfortunately, the creators decided to go in a different direction from the 1998 series, despite there being plenty of related ideas they ... looking to trick the girls and rid them of their most ... read more

What The Actual F— Happened in That Supernatural Finale?

This does nothing but anger the all-powerful deity, who then decides that playtime is officially over. "Story's over. Welcome to the end," Chuck says. With the snap of a finger, he unleashes hell on ... read more

Every Keanu Reeves Movie Performance, Ranked

That wide-eyed exclamation has been Reeves’s official trademark ever since, and its eternal adolescent naïveté has kept him from being properly judged on ... even when their prowess makes them seem ... read more

The 30 greatest Game Boy games

With a murky screen and chunky physical design, Game Boy wasn’t the most impressive of game systems — but what ... Along the way, you encounter unique creatures and charming little pantomime scenarios ... read more

The 25 Best Shows On HBO Now And Go, Ranked

If you’re trying to figure out what to watch next on HBO Now or HBO Go, here’s a great place to start with a look at 19 of the best shows to on HBO of all time, ranked. Related ... but as is true of ... read more

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