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Supernatural: 20 Weirdest Details About Michael And His Vessel - Latest News

Supernatural: 20 Weirdest Details About Michael (And His Vessel)

With Supernatural finally returning to television, there are some significant changes in store for the Winchester brothers. Michael, an archangel from an alternate universe, now has Dean's body and is ... read more

'Supernatural' season 14: What we know - and what we want

Supernatural ... Michael’s vessel. When the brothers are reunited – it looks like this will happen in episode 3, but there may more to it – expect to see plenty of PTSD as Dean is forced to relive and ... read more

Left's new talking point: The Electoral College is racist

Hurricane Michael is on shore pounding parts of Florida ... consider how this story could be told differently, same facts, different spin. A Senator named Rafael Cruz is having dinner with his wife at ... read more

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey falls far short of its own wondrous sandbox

It’s a feast of details at ... When your ship’s captain says the hull ought to be upgraded, it’s not the start of a quest to find some cool big trees or visit his hometown where he left ... read more

The Best Haunted House Movies and TV Shows of All Time

Castle loved his gimmicks, and 13 Ghosts is presented in "Illusion-O ... Actually a bit scarier than you think it is, Beetlejuice features Tim Burton’s idea of a haunted house – all weird architecture ... read more

Supernatural: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Dean And Sam’s Relationship

Supernatural ... he may have to take his life. Even when they don’t actually lie, they don’t reveal a lot of secrets to each other. For a pair who hunts together, they sure don’t seem to let each othe... read more

75 Science Fiction and Fantasy Films To Look Out For In 2016

Deadpool is one of the weirdest offshoots of the X-Men comics ... The trailer looks just stunning. Michael Shannon plays a father who realizes that his son has special powers—and they have to go on th... read more

Emile Hirsch on Why The Autopsy of Jane Doe is So Scary

Actor Emile Hirsch went to gruesome lengths to prepare for his ... film The Autopsy of Jane Doe Rightly cited by audiences and critics alike as one of the scariest horror films in years, director Andr... read more

Terra Nova Has Noble Aspirations

Charlie Munger would probably put it in his “too hard” pile ... will replace the sailing ship currently used. the MFC griffin logo At the same time, CEO Michael J. Smith announced that he aspires to b... read more

Intelligent Design on Trial

MICHAEL BEHE (Dramatization): Yes, that's correct. WITOLD "VIC" WALCZAK: You know, when you loosen the rules around what is science and permit the supernatural ... for Judge Jones to render his verdic... read more

Kickstarter's top projects: When they shipped

Palmer Luckey, now 20, began kicking around his idea for ... beautiful, and weird things were added to the game," Jackson says. "The backers' enthusiasm was contagious. Heck yes, we're going to do thi... read more

Seemingly insignificant movie details with more meaning than you realize

This throws the entirety of his testimony into question, as Vinny now knows that grits take 20 minutes to cook — a ... things start to get very weird. We can't really be sure, though, if the supernatu... read more

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