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Supernatural: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Castiel - Latest News

The 20 Best TV Dramas Since ‘The Sopranos’

But I love a fantasy where everyone is smart, no one wants a forever war and integrity exists. I love a fantasy where characters have such a strong sense ... make it off the island] is in the pole pos... read more

Supernatural panel at Comic-Con: As it happened

Supernatural ... things that go bump in the night," Jensen says, before adding: "But if I see a ghost, I'm gonna try and kill it - it's a false sense of security I've been given playing Dean Wincheste... read more

Is Christian language to blame for falling church attendance?

Sometimes, the gatekeepers of the Church display a counter-productive sense of entitlement about their place in the grand scheme of things ... that “There is no health in us . . . miserable offenders. ... read more

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‘Supernatural’ Cast on Season 14, the 300th Episode, and the Show’s Record-Breaking Legacy

Collider was in Vancouver recently to attend the red-carpet celebration of Supernatural’s upcoming ... a lot of his experiences make him appear almost like he’s Castiel 2.0 because he’s going through ... read more

‘Supernatural’: Remember what it was to be good

Sam finishes the sitrep for Castiel by ... That no one else could get hurt because of him. Sam’s mind can’t accept that this is where they are now. That Dean has traded his life. He says it doesn’t ma... read more

‘A Discovery Of Witches’ Author Deborah Harkness Teases Cameo, Exciting Changes To Book

However, when the witch finds an enchanted manuscript that every supernatural creature seems to want ... The first plan was to make this into a film. Lots of people worked really hard, and at the end ... read more

'Supernatural' Season 5 dates and a quick peek at 'Valentine'

The bits of "Supernatural ... were some things that worked for me, however. I'm glad the show has generally pulled back on the Castiel Comedy, but he had a lot of good, subtle moments in this episode. ... read more

'Supernatural' boss previews Sam and Dean's prison blues

Their latest endeavor was mistaken as an attempted assassination of the President of the United States, so it's no ... trying to make any intentional statements with that episode? I would like to say ... read more

Demons, Ghosts, and Gays, Oh My! Queer Representation on Supernatural

So, then, why does Supernatural have so many slash fans? Why do so many people talk about Dean being bisexual and in love with Castiel? Dear reader, like for so very many things ... make sense to get ... read more

How ‘Supernatural’ Outlived The WB and Learned the Secret to Immortality

“I think ‘Supernatural’ is going to be around in some form long after I move off this chair, and the best thing I can do for the guys, and for the studio, and for the showrunners is basically make sur... read more

‘Supernatural’: I wish we could just be family again

Castiel is second guessing his decision to say yes to Lucifer. He says he was stupid. Oh, Cas. In Season 12 can our angel please have a win? Something that gives him back some sense ... s things. The ... read more

'Supernatural' panel at Comic-Con 2013: As it happened

11:03Collins, who has also played several 'versions' of Castiel ... motivation is just trying to make do. 10:46Ackles says he really enjoyed last season's purgatory storyline for Dean. "When he got ba... read more

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