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Study Finds People Flock Or Behave Similarly To Others Despite Reasoning Abilities - Latest News

Study finds people flock, or behave similarly to others, despite reasoning abilities

Crowd panics, market bubbles, and other unpredictable collective behaviors would not happen if people were smart about these things and just thought through their behavior before they acted. Right? Th... read more

Podcast: You Had Me at “Bleep Blorp”

SCHMALZ: Yet despite all of these reasons to be suspicious of technological advances, Waytz has found that we do, in fact, trust machines—particularly ones that look and act like us. WAYTZ: Typically ... read more

Three Ways Video Games Can Improve Health Care

A study released today finds ... reasoning for why you are doing that behavior.” Whyte is working on a project that will develop game-based interventions for individuals with autism. By helping to imp... read more

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Angry at God? If so, you're not alone, says psychologist

Such personal struggles are not new, but Case Western Reserve University psychologist ... people experience anger toward God," Exline explains. "Even people who deeply love and respect God can become ... read more

Psychopaths and Rational Morality

Psychopathic patients show severe deficits in responding adequately to other people's emotion. The present study explored whether these ... found that psychopaths have above-average IQs and reasoning ... read more

Are Hispanics Too Stupid to Become Americans?

A brief look back at leading research at the time finds that Richwine is being overly dismissive ... reported the results in his 1923 opus A Study of American Intelligence. The Yale psychologist Rober... read more

Mental Models I Find Repeatedly Useful

Therefore, here are two suggestions for using this list: For mental models you don’t know or don’t know well, you can use this list as a jumping off point to study them. I’ve provided links (mainly to ... read more

Social Sciences news

A new Baylor University study says, "Not so fast ... that rising housing costs between 2000 and 2015 have contributed to displacement of low-income people of color read more

Why people dislike government (and why it matters for 2010)

A new Pew poll finds historic levels of unhappiness about the federal government ... Republicans -- and Republican-leaning independents, on the other hand, were significantly less energized to vote, f... read more

Emotional competence relating to perceived stress and burnout in Spanish teachers: a mediator model

This study examined direct associations between emotional competence, perceived stress and burnout in 489 Spanish teachers. In addition, a model in which perceived stress mediated pathways linking emo... read more

Scientists, Your Gender Bias Is Showing

I have no reason to think that scientists are more sexist than people in other professions in the US, but this is my profession, and I’d like to see it do better. Admitting that the problem exists is ... read more

White House Says Wage Gender Gap Stats Are Misleading...When Applied to the White House

It's good that Carney acknowledges this as far as the White House is concerned, because the Obama administration and many others are quick to gloss over ... Why do women still flock to lower-paying fi... read more

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