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Students Mav Up On University Subreddit - Latest News

Reddit and weep: The WU Reddit community

Reddit is full of wonderful niche communities with discussion forums for a wide range of interests, but did you know that we have our very own Washington University subreddit ... questions from prospe... read more

Georgia Tech Student's 'Epic Welcome Speech' Was Epically Plagiarized

It seems Selby's over-the-top oratory to incoming students was lifted almost wholesale from a speech given by Arizona State University debate team champ ... Did Selby straight-up rip off a speech give... read more

Drone School Teaches Students How to Fly, Build Unmanned Vehicles

Credit: Ines Novacic/ABC News Woody is one of the current crop of students at Unmanned Vehicles University, the only institution in ... in which a suspect had escaped from custody and the MAV was used ... read more

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Jeff Bezos Aside, Sextortion Is Way Underreported

“If in my position I can’t stand up to this kind of extortion,” he wrote ... In a study published last fall, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire professor of criminal justice Justin Patchin surveyed a ... read more

The New Drugs High School Students Are Using

One major problem facing teens is the fact that many Emergency Room physicians cannot keep up with ... a graduate student in Gerona's lab, you turn to the so-called "prophetic library." " RESEARCHES L... read more

How to Transfer to Computer Science at the University of Waterloo

With the university admissions results coming out and the deferrals happening, a popular question on the uw subreddit ... student but I was able to transfer with some hard work. Note that my CAV at th... read more

How to Shut Down Reddit's CreepShots Once and for All: Name Names

A 25-year-old female Redditor has finally come up with a way to beat ... that Bailey had been posting photos of his students — "Hot senior girl in one of my classes," read one charming caption — on th... read more

Scapegoating Internet Conspiracy Theorists Won’t Fix The Media’s Hype Machine

In the morning, when it became completely obvious that amateur sleuths on Reddit had falsely identified a missing Brown University ... track student whose face was splashed on the front page of the Ne... read more

From Now On offers a unique gameday experience at Omaha’s Baxter Arena

CRi launched the Fan X platform under its new subsidiary company From Now On in February of last year and launched Mav X for UNO in October with the opening of the Baxter Arena ... university to build ... read more

Small Army of Rockets Will Launch from Alabama, US, Later This Week

As for the college and university teams, they will get to pick and choose between two launch events: the Mini-Mars Ascent Vehicle (Mini-MAV) and the Maxi-Mars Ascent Vehicle (Maxi-MAV), both scheduled ... read more

Meet Suburban Express, The Bus Line Fighting A War With Reddit Over Negative Comments

Unless you went to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign ... least because Toeppen hasn’t really achieved much beyond angering students and causing the UIUC subreddit to put up a warning banner. ... read more

Reddit Forum Encourages Users to Spam College With False Rape Reports

a subreddit for "those who wish to discuss men's rights and the ways said rights are infringed upon." In a post yesterday, user "ShitlordDon" linked to a "sexual violence reporting form" that the L.A. ... read more

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