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Stress Other Triggers Can Cause Hair Loss - Latest News

Signs your hair loss isn't normal — and how you can stop it

Telogen effluvium — the medical term for the excessive shedding of hair— can occur as a direct result of sudden stress on the person who ... a primary doctor can usually rule out other potential cause... read more

Wedding Stress Causes Bride-To-Be To Lose Her Hair Just Before Big Day

A bride-to-be grew so stressed over her upcoming wedding day started to lose her hair - just before she was ... the aisle with bald patches - and the stress was making the condition worse. She said: “ ... read more

Hair today, more tomorrow? What causes hair loss, which treatments work and what do they cost?

But hair loss isn’t just about vanity. It can seriously damage our self ... old wives’ tales and other bollocks to people who’ll try anything. In most cases we know what causes hair loss, we know what ... read more

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Hair loss in women: Causes and treatment

Other causes are illnesses like malaria, typhoid, TB, HIV, cancer, iron deficiency, physical stress like serious injuries ... Sometimes a complete loss of hair in that region can be seen. It is an aut... read more

Explainer: what causes alopecia areata and can you treat this type of hair loss?

The other reason is it often comes and goes, and once gone people would rather forget they had it. So people only tend to see severe cases where people have lost all their hair. Even then people can m... read more

Stress, other triggers can cause hair loss

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it true that chronic stress can cause hair loss, and if so, is the hair loss reversed once the stress is lessened? ANSWER: There's no easy yes or no answer to this question. Some ... read more

The Lowdown On Hair Loss Treatments - Dependable Or Dupery?

Between unwanted browser pop ups, the dodgy tube ads and the DIY cures peddled by Google, when it comes to hair loss, it can ... stress, illness, medications, genetic factors, hormonal changes and imb... read more

What Causes Dandruff?

What causes dandruff ... of the shifts that happen when a body is experiencing stress is that the scalp is negatively influenced. Sudden changes in the health of your scalp can lead to hair loss. So, ... read more

Stress, poor nutrition causes baldness in middle-aged men – Dermatologist

A consultant dermatologist, Dr Glory Iwuchukwu, on Monday identified genetic factors, stress and poor nutrition as the major causes of baldness in middle ... adequate sleep are stressed and this can c... read more

What Causes Hair Loss? 9 Myths About Baldness

And while there's no cure for a shiny scalp, there are a lot of supposed causes ... cells. Other potential contributors to hair loss include illness, age, genetics, and even primping habits. Meanwhile ... read more

12 Ways to Treat Social Anxiety

It’s a different story for people living with social anxiety. If you have social anxiety or social phobia, interacting with people on a social level doesn’t come naturally. In fact, it can be downrigh... read more

Alopecia Can't Be Cured, But It Can Be Beat!

Another factor is stress. Extreme cases of stress can potentially trigger the condition, but still in most cases, genetics is the cause ... aspect as well as the hair loss itself. read more

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