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Engineers drawn to stem cells' abundance, humanity

related to a single gene mutation. Krishanu Saha has used the gene editing tool CRISPR to correct disease-causing mutations in stem cells derived from patients. Gene editing could be used to add ... read more

Salivary gland tissue grown from embryonic stem cells

RELATED New treatment may reverse drug resistance in mouth, neck cancers Although it would be ideal to regrow the lost organ, the process is difficult because organogenesis is a complex process that i... read more

Stem Cells from Baby Teeth Spur Pulp Regrowth

The study, “Deciduous Autologous Tooth Stem Cells Regenerate Dental Pulp After Implantation into Injured Teeth,” was published by Science Translational Medicine. read more

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Scientists use stem cells and gene editing to make mice with two mums

suggest some barriers to same sex reproduction can be overcome with stem cells and targeted gene editing. But experts said there was no prospect of it being translated soon into humans for the ... read more

Scientists produce healthy mice born to same-sex parents using stem cells and gene editing

Scientists have been able to breed mice with same-sex parents using a breakthrough technique involving stem cells and gene editing. Researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have produced healthy ... read more

Scientists grow functioning human neural networks in 3-D from stem cells

Cantley et al, Functional and Sustainable 3D Human Neural Network Models from Pluripotent Stem Cells, ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering (2018). DOI: 10.1021/acsbiomaterials.8b00622 read more

Healthy mice born to 2 mothers using stem cells, gene editing

Beijing, Oct 12 (IANS) Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have, in a breakthrough, produced healthy mouse pups with two mothers and no father, using stem cells and gene editing ... to you a ... read more

Haploid Stem Cells Used To Produce Mice With Same Sex Parents

Obstacles that normally prevent same sex reproduction were revealed in this experiment, while indicating that some of them may be bypassed by using stem cells and targeted gene editing. Genomic imprin... read more

Brain Stem Cells Generated More Efficiently With New Method

Mutant PMD oligodendrocytes rescued with drug-like compound Ro 25-6981. Credit: Case Western Reserve University New prospective and meta-analytic studies confirmed that a “rigid” personality profile i... read more

Stem Cells' Consumption of 'Sweets' Helps Them Fight Inflammation

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 8, 2018 A new study published in STEM CELLS Translational Medicine shows that the energy metabolism of human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) can be targeted to increase their ... read more

Mice with two MOTHERS are born using gene editing and stem cells in breakthrough study for gay couples who want their own biological children

Experts behind the study, who used stem cells and gene editing to spawn the mice, said it represented a 'breakthrough' in our understanding of mammal biology. Dr Teresa Holm of the University of Auckl... read more

Scientists use haploid stem cells to produce mice with same-sex parents

The research reveals some crucial obstacles that normally prevent sexual reproduction between parent animals of the same sex, while indicating that some of them, at least, may be bypassed using stem c... read more

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