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STALLARD: Tinfoil hats should sell out by Christmas

Man, they sure didn’t waste any time. The morning after Thanksgiving, I dragged my weary carcass out of bed, headed for the coffee pot and turned on my phone. A couple of minutes later, the phone noti... read more

Mary H. K. Choi is back with another lovely, social-media tinged YA romance: Exclusive preview

I’m not a tinfoil-hat ... was bored out of my mind and channeling every ounce of my mental energy to tell—no compel—Mr. Miller in biology to sit down and miss his chair. You should have ... read more

Hurricane Dan Still Blowing Hot Air

These are dour times, and if Gunga Dan and Hurricane Dan and What's-The-Frequency-Kenneth Dan want to trade their Afghan robes, yellow windbreakers and enormous tinfoil hats for ... news divisions sho... read more

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Car outings offer opportunity to haul lots of gear

You should also always set your tent up in your yard for the first time, rather than waiting until you get to the campground. That way you won’t have angry family members standing around in the dark a... read more

Bankers, Economists Say Gold Is a Bubble: Here's Why You Should Ignore Them

This should warn us to completely ignore the repeating pattern ... seem to be embattled in a crusade to paint all gold owners as crazy, lunacy-tinged, tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy buffs that believ... read more

Amazon, Google, Microsoft - Big Three Cloud Providers Examined

AMZN essentially spends 10 months out of the year building out servers. They build out massive numbers of servers for the two months out of the year when they are handling the Christmas shopping ... t... read more


It seems 2011 is to be a year in which the world holds its breath as regulators, governors and politicians pull “rabbits from the policy hat ... enough tin foil to put a shine on 225 square miles. Tha... read more

America's Trade Deficit With China Just Hit a New Record

In the case of the U.S. and China, America's trade deficit is almost entirely canceled out by an investment surplus. In other words, America is a good place to invest money and China is a good place t... read more

Noisey Power Rankings: November 12 - November 16

Maybe a hollowed out American Girl doll with room inside to store a handgun (in case MS-13 shows up at Christmas dinner)? We’re sure the NRA’s team of tinfoil hat dumbshits ... fibbers of the world sh... read more

Advertisers are using inaudible noise to figure out what devices are yours

The technology involves the use of ultrasonic noises that can’t be picked out by human ears ... Related: Tear off that tin foil hat and chill, Windows 10 isn’t watching your every move SilverPush does... read more

The Plane Truth: Boarding by Rows Is the Worst Possible Way, Says Physicist

Let’s face it: boarding an airplane with luggage is just downright frustrating. Not only do you have to puzzle out how you are going to wrestle your carry-on bag into the aircraft’s tiny overhead comp... read more

Corbella: Researcher exposes money trail behind U.S.-based campaign to kill the oilsands

Everyone else should. Krause’s name has become synonymous with the ... it’s hard to believe. It comes off like a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory.” She also warned the IRC — which represents 134 First Na... read more

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