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Speed Bumps Of The Future: Creepy Optical Illusion Children - Latest News

In The Future, Speed Bumps Will Be Replaced With Children

Vancouver's experimenting with a new speed control creation near École Pauline Johnson Elementary — a painted optical illusion which drivers see as a little girl chasing a ball into traffic. Creepy. W... read more

What Will the Future Be Like?

The little white balls are part of an optical motion ... in the future. All of these need to be solved to truly build a soccer-playing robot. You think you're pretty good at soccer? I'm better. I can ... read more

Optical illusion of four blinking dots divides viewers

An optical illusion posted to Reddit is dividing the internet. At first, the graphic appears to simply be four blinking dots. On closer inspection, there are actually a variety of movements the dots c... read more

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The rate of data transmission over plastic optical fibers can be increased by controlling modal dispersion

A plastic fiber typically supports thousands of different optical modes, and each individual optical mode has a particular frequency and speed at which data propagate. Due to the differences in propag... read more

Frank Rich: Why the Future We Imagined in 1964 Was Wrong in Pretty Much Every Way

While 2014 may have a shot at eternal infamy, our myopia and narcissism encourage us to discount the possibility that this year could be merely an inconsequential speed bump on the way ... wishful thi... read more

Could Autism Be the Next Stage of Human Evolution?

Instead, says the hermit scientist, she is the future: Lucy’s lack of connection to other human beings is actually an evolutionary leap forward. The rest of us? Obsolete—mental health fossils. Our ant... read more

Optical illusion makes curvy lines appear zigzagged

A researcher from Japan has unveiled a mind-bending new type of optical illusion. At first glance, the ‘Curvature Blindness Illusion’ appears just an arrangement of wiggling and zig-zagging lines cros... read more

NYT Cheers the Rise of Censorship Algorithms

Exclusive: The New York Times is cheering on the Orwellian future for Western “democracy” in which algorithms ... Mr. Fillon has seen a bump in real opinion polls.” (Ultimately, Fillon finished a stro... read more

Scientists Have Mapped All of Ötzi the Iceman’s 61 Tattoos

Proving that tattoos can age well, all 61 tattoos on the mummified Ötzi the Iceman have been mapped — and ... But assembling a definitive inventory of the Iceman’s body art gives future researchers a ... read more

Dark matter may be an illusion caused by the quantum vacuum

As one of many scientists who have become somewhat skeptical of dark matter, CERN physicist Dragan Slavkov Hajdukovic has proposed that the illusion of dark matter ... Hajdukovic told PhysOrg.com. “Th... read more

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