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Speed Bumps Of The Future: Creepy Optical Illusion Children - Latest News

In The Future, Speed Bumps Will Be Replaced With Children

Vancouver's experimenting with a new speed control creation near École Pauline Johnson Elementary — a painted optical illusion which drivers see as a little girl chasing a ball into traffic. Creepy. W... read more

Canada unveils new speed bump: optical illusion of a child

You have to wonder if the designers of the "speed bump of the future" considered that drivers might become ... caution if a real child should cross their path? [What is an optical illusion? How does i... read more

Frank Rich: Why the Future We Imagined in 1964 Was Wrong in Pretty Much Every Way

While 2014 may have a shot at eternal infamy, our myopia and narcissism encourage us to discount the possibility that this year could be merely an inconsequential speed bump on the way ... wishful thi... read more

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Could Autism Be the Next Stage of Human Evolution?

Instead, says the hermit scientist, she is the future: Lucy’s lack of connection to other human beings is actually an evolutionary leap forward. The rest of us? Obsolete—mental health fossils. Our ant... read more

The Collapse of Civilization Manifesto

Since the 2008 financial crash, the world has witnessed an unprecedented outbreak of social protest in every major continent. Beginning with the birth of the Occupy movement in the US and Western Europ... read more

Obstacles hamper plans for Matadero Creek bikeway

A divisive proposal to create a bike-friendly "greenway" along Palo Alto's Matadero Creek hit a series of speed bumps last year ... including an existing house that stands in the way of the future tra... read more

Eight “Facts” about the Human Body Debunked by Science

Today, however, false facts about health and the human body spread at the speed of the internet ... In fact, his misunderstanding is due to an optical illusion. While our nails and hair don’t continue ... read more

A simple bump on the head can kill you

How can a seemingly trivial head injury kill you? To answer this, you need a little anatomy. Your brain is a pretty important organ, and is well protected. It sits inside a thick armor (the skull) and ... read more

The MacBook Air Is Doomed

Phil Schiller spent about 30 seconds detailing a spec bump ... The future is clearly digital downloading, the way video is rented and sold at the iTunes Store. Unlike the floppy, Apple has a vested in... read more

Scientists Have Mapped All of Ötzi the Iceman’s 61 Tattoos

Proving that tattoos can age well, all 61 tattoos on the mummified Ötzi the Iceman have been mapped — and ... But assembling a definitive inventory of the Iceman’s body art gives future researchers a ... read more

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