Sparkling and beyond — nuptials aren’t the only reason to pop a bottle of bubbly!

Nothing says “celebrations” like Champagne, but did you know that there are several wine options that will give the same sparkle at a fraction of the cost? read more

Sparkling results for Lord Ashcroft’s wine firm

An English sparkling wine producer controlled by former Conservative deputy chair Lord Ashcroft has seen its shares rise after the firm said revenues were set to more than double. The Kent -based firm ... read more

I’m a cleaning expert and this is the golden rule for getting toilets sparkling and why you should never use bleach

CLEANING toilets is definitely one of the least glamorous household chores but it’s a job that’s got to be done. Many of us will pour some bleach down our toilet and hope for the best but ... read more

JWST has captured a sparkling galaxy full of intense star formation

The Great Barred Spiral Galaxy has some of the most extraordinary regions of star formation of any galaxy we’ve found, and the James Webb Space Telescope has snapped its picture ... read more

Gus Clemens: Is there a clear choice for best sparkling wine glass?

The proper Champagne or sparkling wine vessel is a pain in the glass. Wine professionals largely agree on what glass best presents the wine for tasting, but that is not the whole story. In many ways, ... read more

'Sparkling Night' concert to return to Hanoi on August 24

The “Sparkling Night” concert will return to the Hanoi Opera House on August 24 after two successful nights in May, according to the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB). read more

Nicole Scherzinger, 44, wows in silver sparkling gown as she dines out with Andrew Lloyd Webber

NICOLE Scherzinger shows there’s no hard felines as she dines out with Andrew Lloyd Webber. Nicole, 44, and Andrew, 74, clashed when she pulled out of his Cats show on Broadway. But she smiled and ... read more

Sparkling sales for Ashcroft’s wine

Gusbourne, the Kent-based sparkling wine producer that is backed by Lord Ashcroft, says that its revenues are set to fizz in the first half, reflecting its recovery from Covid and “increasing demand ... read more

Wine Press – 5 delicious, affordable rose sparkling wines

They’re called rose wines because of the wine’s pink color. And that color simply has to do with how long the grape juice comes into contact with the grape skins during the fe ... read more

Red Is The New White, Pink Persists & Sparkling Shines

New World Wine Awards. While Sauv and Pinot still have our heart, it appears Kiwi wine lovers are starting to explore new styles and become more adventurous in t ... read more

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