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Some Historically Fueled Guesses On What Russia Will Do With Its War Dolphins - Latest News

Some Historically Fueled Guesses on What Russia Will Do With Its War Dolphins

Earlier this month, the Russian government announced it was looking to buy five combat dolphins: two females and three males, physically unblemished, and in possession of “perfect teeth.” Naturally, R... read more

Of whales and men

when the Basques of Iberia explored its uses. From that time till the mid 19 th century (1857-1859), whale oil became the source of illumination (candles, lamps) worldwide, and also fueled the start o... read more

Believing the Russian ‘Hacking’ Claim

Government lies are common when seducing a population to support a war ... Russian government determined the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. U.S. corporate media reports often claim th... read more

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NCBI ROFL: What did God do with Adam's penis bone?

Congenital human baculum deficiency: the generative bone of Genesis 2:21-23. “Another genetic condition, extending to 100% of human males, is the congenital lack of a baculum. Whereas most mammals (in... read more

Troubling vision: Inside Facebook's rule book for political speech

Menlo Park, California: In a glass conference room at its headquarters, Facebook is taking on the bonfires of hate and misinformation it has helped fuel across the world ... extremist language to flou... read more

‘This Week’ Transcript: Ambassador Sergey Kislyak

It's some 700 miles to ... the U.S. wouldn't be able to do anything about that. Is that really a position of weakness? (END VIDEO TAPE) MORAN: Well, at these talks here in Paris, Russia is demanding t... read more

Introducing One of America's Deadliest Submarine (That Was Sunk by Its Own Torpedo)

The USS Tang (SS 306) was America’s most successful submarine until it was sunk by one of its own torpedoes ... During World War II, the average patrol was about 70 days. The two determining factors f... read more

Don’t Ever Do It For the Money: A Conversation with My Agent

I knew it was ahead of its time. (It still is.) I knew I had to try because even though the other agent might have taken you on, I couldn’t be sure that s/he would get you the same way I do ... the Vi... read more

iPhone 5S, 5C Won't Help Apple Regain Mobile Market Mojo

Normally the company avoids the war of specifications and instead ... The iPhone 5C takes over as the mid-priced option with its polycarbonate case of many colors. The iPhone 5S takes over as the flag... read more

What is more important than vituperation between Trump and Tillerson

And some said this strange appointment was a reward of friendship between the two men and an act of returning the favor between friends. ALSO READ: Beyond Trump’s sharp exchange with CNN’s reporter Al... read more

New, Low-THC Marijuana Should Relieve Pain Without the High

Marijuana, long known as a recreational drug, has earned some respectability with its growing reputation as a pain reliever for those who suffer from cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other ailments. An... read more

On the Silencing of Julian Assange

Meanwhile, the US and UK governments continue their drumbeat demonization of Assange, who has become part of their Russiagate frenzy towards a new Cold War and maybe ... in modern history. Dennis Bern... read more

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