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So Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat Or What - Latest News

Where Does Body Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

What happens to body fat when you shed pounds — do ... muscle mass may help you burn more calories and raise your basic metabolic rate. Exercise also increases your respiratory rate, so more ... read more

These 12 people lost a combined 1,563 pounds. Here's what they learned about losing weight.

Sean Anderson decided he needed to be accountable to more than just himself and his family. So he launched ... I was too fat. Because I never heard it, I thought I was fine.” Once they lost weight, th... read more

Do We Really Need to Be Adding Collagen to Our Food? Doctors Weigh In

“Recently, collagen supplementation has become popular for other reasons as well, such as improving skin elasticity, building muscle and losing fat ... any more than, say, eating scrambled eggs would, ... read more

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The No BS Guide to Building Lean Muscle

Or if you aren’t ready for standard pushups, use a wall or a bench so you can do them at an incline ... that muscle takes up less space than fat. This concept leads to confusion because of the myth th... read more

How to Get Rid of Love Handles for Men: What Works and What Doesn’t

This extra fat at ... we really do mean that. So, it’s not just about exercising. In fact, there are three areas to address. In essence, the formula to any weight loss (love handles or otherwise) is v... read more

What to Know About LISS Workouts and Why So Many People Are Doing Them

Walking on a treadmill or going for a casual swim is much less intimidating than jumping into a bootcamp class. With more and more ... breaking down stored fat." So what does that mean? read more

Healthy diet most important when trying to lose weight

Some people want to quit smoking, travel more ... of weight loss is diet and 20 percent is fitness. It’s even possible to gain a few pounds of muscle, depending on the type of workout someone chooses ... read more

Here's How the Keto Diet Affects Your Ability to Build Muscle

There’s no way, they say, to add muscle while you’re in ketosis. So ... s more, there are several studies out there to show that ketogenic diets do just as well as their higher carb counterparts when ... read more

Does Weightlifting Cause Varicose Veins?

(But when they do, heaviness in the legs and muscle ... are born more vascular than others," says Dr. Gasparis. However, it can depend on your body composition too: "The less fat a person has, the mor... read more

More myth than fact

Here we are in early 2019 and once again, I am going to cover some health and fitness aspects that are more myth than ... Lean muscle density developed with weight training and periodic high-intensity ... read more

Is your metabolism to blame for not shaking off the weight?

People who struggle to lose weight often blame their difficulty achieving a healthy weight on their “slow metabolism”. So is this a real barrier ... your body’s composition. Muscle requires more energ... read more

Ask the Strategist: What Do I Need When Recovering From Surgery?

To keep track of everything you’re taking, this discreet, waterproof pill case, which can be hooked onto a key chain, is a lot more stylish than ... fat transfer, as it keeps your body weight ... read more

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