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Skyrim: 10 Worthless Weapons Everyone Uses And 15 That Are Way Better - Latest News

How to Play Apex Legends: A Beginner's Guide and Tips

it's much better to have a bad weapon than no weapon ... most death boxes are worthless. But once the game gets down to the final 10 squads or so, pretty much everyone has epic shields, helmets ... read more

Battlefield 5 Guide: Best Weapons and Map Tips

There’s a lot of weapon types in Battlefield 5, and even more weapons. Honestly, the game is really well balanced, and you can find a great use for everything in there. That said, there are definitely ... read more

I tried the Skyrim game for Amazon Echo that everyone thought was fake — here's how it went

I assumed it was another one of Bethesda's jokes where they show how self-aware they are — this time making fun of how many re-releases they gave to the nearly 10-year old game "Skyrim ... You can ... read more

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – review

Every time the player uses a weapon or a spell or skill in Skyrim ... way through the land using just a sword and shield, the game will ensure you become more proficient in doing so. If magic or ... read more

8 essential Skyrim Switch tips to know before you play

As Skyrim on Nintendo Switch ... useless. So turns out favoriting is essential when you’re mid-combat, have run out of magicka, and are in need of both a bow and a health potion STAT. Which I found ... read more

Australian Gun Culture Part 15: Prohibited Weapons in Australia

Not just forbidden to use in urban areas, as in many American cities. Outright prohibited. Slingshots prohibited? I suspect this came from the American 19th century prohibition on slung shot, which is ... read more

Tips For Playing Skyrim The Best Way

For the time being anyway, you'll get better graphics on Xbox 360 if you don't install to the console's hard drive. Try the PC version with an Xbox 360 controller. This is partly a matter of personal ... read more

Crackdown 3: Why a Good Deal Doesn't Make a Game Score Better

Meanwhile, older gamers with full-time jobs and families making demands on their time might have enough disposable income that the difference between a $60 game and a $15 ... use them as a guide for ... read more

3D Printing Company Reclaims Machine From Group Trying To 'Print' Weapons

"We want everyone else to not have ... I hate that that's the way it is, but that's apparently the regulatory landscape." Not super dangerous, Wilson's 3D printed weapons are essentially useless once ... read more

How my quest for photorealism in Skyrim turned it into a much better game

Personal preference is the ultimate deciding factor in any mod list like this, but to make Skyrim SE look like my screenshots, these are the ones to use: Immersive Armors ... LeanWolf’s Better-Shaped ... read more

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

The province of Skyrim might be frigid, but the role-playing game that takes place within it burns with a fire few games possess. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ... Swing two-handed weapons, and you ... read more

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