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New Theory Suggests "Dark Fluid", Not Dark Matter, May Explain The Universe

“As a bonus, the theory then seems to explain not only dark matter, but we also get a possible solution for dark energy – essentially for free. It seems that a simple minus sign may possibly be able t... read more

'Dark fluid' theory could finally explain the missing 95% of the cosmos, Oxford physicists reveal

Our best theoretical model can only explain 5% of the universe. The remaining 95% is famously made up almost entirely of invisible, unknown material dubbed dark energy and dark matter ... appears that ... read more

Bringing balance to the universe: New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the cosmos

New research could shed light on the 'missing' dark matter and dark energy ... we had forgotten to include a simple minus sign." University of Oxford. (2018, December 5). Bringing balance to the unive... read more

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Around 95% of the universe is MISSING – and a bizarre ‘dark fluid’ theory may explain why

Almost all of the known universe cannot be explained by physicists, but a mysterious new 'dark fluid' may finally ... to include a simple minus sign." Our current model of the Universe, called LambdaC... read more

Dark matter and dark energy may really be one "dark fluid" with negative mass

A new theory suggests that the universe is filled with a dark fluid that has negative mass, which could explain both dark matter and dark ... Jamie Farnes, which may expand on the Lambda-CDM ... read more

Oxford scientist may have finally solved dark matter riddle — the universe might be made out of a ‘negative mass’ fluid

According to one of the most exciting researches on dark matter to date, this elusive form of matter may combine ... to include a simple minus sign,” the scientist concluded. Scientific reference: J. ... read more

New, simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

Abell 520 is a gigantic merger of galaxy clusters located 2.4 billion light years away. It appears to have left behind a large clump of dark matter. (Space Telescope Science Institute) Most of the mat... read more

Could ‘negative mass’ unify dark matter, dark energy?

The universe may be suffused ... but points out that his dark fluid theory adds another complication. “Farnes introduces matter that has negative mass, but in order to explain the accelerated ... read more

New theory could explain missing 95 percent of the Universe

This composite image shows the distribution of dark matter, galaxies ... This astonishing new theory may also prove right a prediction that Einstein made 100 years ago. Our current, widely ... read more

New, simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

This proposal, which endows dark matter particles with a rare form of electromagnetism, has been strengthened by a detailed analysis performed by a pair of theoretical physicists. Most of the matter i... read more

Simple theory may explain dark matter

This is a comparison of an anapole field with common electric and magnetic dipoles. The anapole field, top, is generated by a toroidal electrical current. As a result, the field is confined within the ... read more

Simple Theory May Explain Dark Matter

Scientists at Vanderbilt University believe dark matter, an invisible substance that makes up almost 85 percent of our universe, might be made out of particles that have an unusual, donut-shaped elect... read more

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