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New, simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

This proposal, which endows dark matter particles with a rare form of electromagnetism, has been strengthened by a detailed analysis performed by a pair of theoretical physicists. Most of the matter i... read more

Dark Matter Explained By Very Simple Theory? Promising Explanation Receives Further Support

Is dark matter simply a type of particle that is endowed with a rare form of electromagnetism? That very-simple theory may do a much better job of explaining ... was also first proposed in the 1930’s ... read more

This theory may explain why 95% of the universe is missing

Scientists may ... matter into a single phenomenon. It has long been thought that dark matter and dark energy – invisible substances that have never been observed by scientists – make up the parts of ... read more

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Dark matter may not actually exist: physicists suggests testable alternative

our theory allowed us to explain the stellar velocities in galaxies a lot better than with Einstein’s general relativity, which allows for dark matter to exist. So there may actually be less ... read more

New theory of general relativity casts doubt on dark matter

Astronomers have been searching for a mysterious substance called “dark ... may change our understanding of galaxies and the universe. Our proposed theory does not need dark matter to exist to explain ... read more

‘Stealth dark matter’ theory may explain universe’s missing mass

“Underground direct detection experiments or experiments at the Large Hadron Collider may soon find evidence of (or rule out) this new stealth dark matter theory,” Vranas said. read more

Can Tiny Galaxies Explain Dark Matter?

And that pattern of distortion too suggests a lump of dark-matter in the galaxy group’s central region. Such mass distribution lends credence to the leading theory ... explain where the globular clust... read more

Dark matter and dark energy may really be one "dark fluid" with negative mass

A new theory suggests that the universe is filled with a dark fluid that has negative mass, which could explain ... may expand on the Lambda-CDM model. Farnes' new theory says that 95 percent of the c... read more

Simple theory may explain dark matter

This is a comparison of an anapole field with common electric and magnetic dipoles. The anapole field, top, is generated by a toroidal electrical current. As a result, the field is confined within the ... read more

New, simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

Abell 520 is a gigantic merger of galaxy clusters located 2.4 billion light years away. It appears to have left behind a large clump of dark matter. (Space Telescope Science Institute) Most of the mat... read more

Simple Theory May Explain Dark Matter

Scientists at Vanderbilt University believe dark matter, an invisible substance that makes up almost 85 percent of our universe, might be made out of particles that have an unusual, donut-shaped elect... read more

Simple theory may explain mysterious dark matter

The reason dark matter – which makes up 85 per cent of all the matter in the universe – is invisible could be because it possesses a rare, donut-shaped type of electromagnetism instead of the more exo... read more

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