Video description with integrated visual and textual information

This proposed model consists of triple channels in parallel: a primary video description channel, a sentence-to-sentence channel for language learning, and a channel to integrate visual and textual ... read more

Which Sentence(S) Sound(S) Natural?

(A) The temperature in big cities don’t drop even at night. (B) The temperatures in big cities don’t drop even at night. (C) Temperatures don’t go down even at night in big cities. (D) The ... read more

Using the four types of sentence

Each type of sentence does a different job. In the Teacher Talk below, Mr Firth explains the four types of sentences in more detail. Listen carefully and join in with the activity! Statements ... read more

Definition of 'channel'

A channel is a television station. ...the only serious current affairs programme on either channel. ...the proliferating number of television channels in America. ...the presenter of Channel 4 News. read more

What is 'Channel Management'

Definition: The term Channel Management is widely used in sales marketing parlance. It is defined as a process where the company develops various marketing techniques as well as sales strategies to ... read more

Woman Gets Prison Sentence And Is Fined For Acting Out On Flight

In 2021, a woman caused a ruckus on board an American Airlines flight. It was apparently so bad that the pilot had to divert the plane to Arizona. Today, as reported by several news outlets, a US ... read more

MP Margaret Ferrier given community sentence for travelling with Covid

Politician admitted taking a train from London to Scotland, knowing she had coronavirus An MP who admitted she had “culpably and recklessly” put people at risk after travelling by train from ... read more

COCO Crush - Some encounters you wear forever

Recreating the quilted motif, an emblem of the House since 1955, clean and even incisions crisscross the soft, curved surface of COCO CRUSH creations. A collection that combines strength and delicacy, ... read more


CHANEL presents each purchase in signature keepsake packaging. read more

Dell’s Channel Sales Dip In ‘Normalization’ After Record Quarters

‘So we did see the order revenue through the channel decrease. But again, it’s not a surprise, because we crushed it for so many quarters. So we’re coming up to a tough comparison,’ Dell ... read more

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