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Selfdriving Cars Are Headed Toward An Ai Roadblock - Latest News

Apple wraps itself in AI just in time for another ‘AI winter’

I remember the first AI winter. And the second. And the third. From The Verge: Self-driving cars are headed toward an AI roadblock: The dream of a fully autonomous car may be further than we realize. ... read more

Street Fight Daily: Brands Unsettled by Drama at Facebook; IPG Buys Acxiom Marketing Solutions

Self-Driving Cars Are Headed Toward an AI Roadblock (Verge) The dream of a fully autonomous car may be further than we realize. There’s growing concern among AI experts that it may be years, if not de... read more

How to make AI that works, for us

As an example of a poorly defined purpose, consider the fact that relatively simple AI algorithms designed to maximize social media clicks have influenced the political views of hundreds of millions o... read more

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People Vs. Self-Driving Cars

In fact It’s a very complex task but as we look towards the future ... The company is working on this plan with startup Argo AI. Ford has set a goal of having self-driving cars on the road by 2021, bu... read more

AI Weekly: Driverless car innovation has sped ahead of regulation

“Self-driving cars should be no ... centric features are heading to Alexa: calendar integration with Routines, calendar availability browsing, and a new Reminders API. Flex Logix today debuted hardwar... read more

Self-Driving Cars And The Kobayashi Maru

There is a thought experiment called the trolley problem that asks you to imagine a runaway trolley headed ... As artificial intelligence advances, it may very well use the programmable ethics setting... read more

Self-driving cars and the Trolley problem

Though fictional, they provide a good philosophical grounding of how AI can coexist with society. If self driving cars, were to follow them ... a trolley is heading down a track towards five people. Y... read more

Meet Aurora, the Ambitious (and Spunky) Self-Driving Car Startup

The company’s three cofounders are considered to be some of the best minds in self-driving cars. Anderson is the former director of the Autopilot program at Tesla (tsla), Bagnell headed the autonomy . ... read more

7 Companies That Are Doing Wonders With AI

Artificial Intelligence — or AI — is far from science fiction. For better or worse, we’ve already taken big steps toward creating computers that ... The technology is central to helping prevent its se... read more

Baidu CEO's self-driving car stunt stumps police: media

Chinese internet giant Baidu's roll-out of a new self-driving car may have police ... a highway on the outskirts of the city and headed towards the convention centre where Li was scheduled to speak. A... read more

The guide psychologists gave carmakers to convince us it’s safe to buy self-driving cars

In the original philosophical scenario, a trolley is on a track heading towards ... done for artificial intelligence in industrial and residential settings. Such investigations in automobiles should p... read more

Are Programmers Headed Toward Another Bursting Bubble?

Self-driving cars ... a slide towards a “blue collar” market for software developers. Some have gone further, suggesting that the push towards a blue collar market is a strategy architected by big tec... read more

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