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Searching For Chocolates Roots And Enemies In Colombias Wilderness - Latest News

Searching for Chocolate’s Roots, and Enemies, in Colombia’s Wilderness

With a machete, Gildardo Ramirez lops twelve pods off one of his cacao trees, letting them fall to its base. The long, brown pods look like twisted and deflated footballs. Each cacao pod usually encas... read more

Tobacco: The Story of How Tobacco Seduced the World

the root is great, thick and of a woody substance ... in a list of finds that included such everyday consumables as potatoes, tomatoes, rubber, chocolate and maize. Plant geneticists have established ... read more

Industrial Farming Plows Up Brazil’s ‘Underground Forest’

But industrial farming is fast swallowing this unique landscape ... The real "forest" here is underground, an enormous system of branches and roots buried deep to survive fire and search for water dur... read more

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In search of pirates in Panama

Down at bootlace level, a young fer-de-lance slithers over a knot of tree roots and conceals its deadly self beneath ... which authorised them to harass His Majesty’s enemies abroad – a kind of 17th-c... read more

land rush

Mr Lovold’s group seized on the finding to lobby Norway’s government ... Despite years of effort to root out corruption and strengthen the country’s political institutions, the influence of wealthy bu... read more

How Conservation Became Colonialism

For decades, conservationists advocating the creation of such areas insisted on drawing a clear line separating nature — understood as raw, unpopulated wilderness — and culture ... set up digital came... read more

How Invasive Species (Slowly) Push Plants Toward Extinction

Japanese knotweed. Purple loosestrife. Kudzu. Mesquite. Giant hogweed. Bitou bush. What do all of these plants have in common? Easy: they’re all among the most invasive plant species on the planet. Wh... read more

The pleasures of chocolate

With time, and aided by some clever marketing, came the freeing of the senses, that letting go of a presumptive feeling that giving in to any impulse was bad, and adults entered the world of chocolate ... read more

Latin America's 'magic tree' slowly coming back to life

A local farmer prepares the soil to sow guaimaro tree seeds at a small farm in the Colombian foothill town of Dibulla ... they are eaten by the goats and by the cattle. Its roots strengthen the soil, ... read more

Here Are 2 Suggestions for Your Energy Playlist This Week

As previously discussed here on Plugged In, there are a number of excellent podcasts available for energy enthusiasts. Here are two recent episodes for those looking for additions to their weekend (or ... read more

Will Gene Therapy Destroy Sports?

As it turned out, viruses were too small to carry that gene, so Sweeney began searching for a smaller gene that would ... Inside each box are several chocolate-colored mice. Sweeney points out two gro... read more

Is pain really an enemy?

Remember Raj Kapoor’s smile when at his saddest? Pain also gives us a feeling of entitlement. Think — a cold beer after an exhausting day, a chocolate after a punishing workout, a drink after some bri... read more

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