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Scientists are from Mars, the public is from Earth

The American Geophysical Union blog has a link up to a very interesting table, and I feel strongly enough about this topic that I want to share it with you. It’s a list of words scientists use when wr... read more

To find signs of life on Mars, scientists visit the harshest places on Earth

Listen Listening... 2:09 St. Louis Public Radio's Eli Chen visits a laboratory at Washington University where scientists are studying materials from remote places on Earth to find signs of life on Mar... read more

Five reasons to forget Mars for now and return to the moon

These space pioneers broadened our understanding of Earth and the ... onto the surface of Mars. This was the first successful landing on Mars since the Viking probes of the late 1970s. The pictures th... read more

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Forget the Moon

Kennedy’s dramatic commitment to reaching the moon, but scientists and the public weren’t thinking of geopolitics ... Moreover, because Mars likely had a more Earth-like climate in the past, Martian r... read more

Rethinking the Mars terraforming debate

Unfortunately, quite a few in the science and ... under Mars surface, the public pressure for terraforming will build and action will be taken. Eventually creating a living world on the surface of Mar... read more

Mars and the Waves of Darkening

through changing atmospheric compositions (like carbon dioxide on Earth), clouds and other phenomena. The history of our remote study of Mars should provide some insight to the challenge of getting th... read more

Here's five of the fastest-growing 'green' jobs

The Earth's climate has changed throughout ... Awareness of the environment is shaping public policy and one of the key roles in the field is that of an environmental scientist. The employment-related ... read more

U.S. mission to the Sun good for the Earth | Opinion

Observers ranging from scientists to lay people have equal ... of distant space flight to include a manned mission to Mars. Bush’s low-key announcement contrasts with JFK’s dramatic 1961 public commit... read more

Scientific evidence for a flat Earth?

New science discoveries can change ... of the sun’s most harmful energy waves. If the Earth lost its magnetic field, our atmosphere and all of our water would be gone (this is what happened to Mars) a... read more

NASA's InSight passes halfway to Mars, instruments check in

It will give scientists a window into Mars' internal activity ... Structure Experiment (RISE)—uses the spacecraft's radio connection with Earth to assess perturbations of Mars' rotation axis. These me... read more

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allowing for Earth science research and amazing high-resolution photos of the Earth. We’ve always referred to Mars as the red planet because of its surface color. But what’s below that dusty crust? NA... read more

The 12 most remote places on Earth

Yet there are parts of the Earth that remain firmly off the grid ... This cold is literally otherworldly, in the sense you could travel to Mars and enjoy similar temperatures. The Grand Canyon lives u... read more

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