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Ranked: The 50 Greatest Science Fiction Movies of All Time

“The boundary between science fiction and social reality is an optical illusion,” Donna Haraway ... shrimp-from-outer-space South African apartheid allegory ever made does not begin to do it justice. ... read more

Science Fiction Is Not Social Reality

S. A. Applin, Ph.D. is an anthropologist whose research explores the domains of human agency, algorithms, AI, and automation in the context of social systems and sociability. You can find more @anthro... read more

Manipulating Memories: The Ethics of Yesterday’s Science Fiction and Today’s Reality

The movie also brings to the fore critical neuroethical challenges of memory manipulation, such as the interconnectedness of memory with learning, moral behavior, social ... The science fiction of yes... read more

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Star Trek’s Holodeck: from science fiction to a new reality

Many of the technological advances predicted in Star Trek’s fictional universe have become reality, such as the mobile communicator and hand-held tablet computers. The Holodeck first ... it’s not easy ... read more

Invisibility cloaks move one step closer from science fiction to reality

The results describing the first experimental demonstration of temporal invisibility cloaking by Fridman and others at Cornell University’s School of Applied and Engineering Physics are still prelimin... read more

How Science Fiction and Fantasy Can Drive Innovation

In fact, in Leading Transformation, the former head of Lowe's innovation lab explains how the company hired science fiction writers to help inspire the company to leverage virtual reality and build .. ... read more

Science Fiction is Science Fact — We Create Our Own Reality

One of the first books that really staggered my mind and made me look at reality in a whole new way was Charles ... But that’s just science fiction, right? Maybe not. Compare my ’70s SciFi revelation ... read more

How science fiction writers predicted virtual reality

virtual reality is the next digital frontier. While it’s a world that can now be practically realized, it’s not a new idea: Science fiction has long been imagining virtual worlds within imagined ones. ... read more

6 Signs That Reality is Catching Up with Science-Fiction

These are only six signs that our present reality is becoming just as strange, if not stranger than science-fiction. 1. Life-extension research ... ways that we are only now beginning to fathom. Socia... read more

From science fiction to reality—the dawn of the biofabricator

Not to mention remaining conscious of regulatory matters and social engagement ... excited imaginations, but science is rapidly catching up to science fiction. Credit: Joe Haupt/Flickr, CC BY-SA Imagi... read more

Google Wants to Make ‘Science Fiction’ a Reality—And That’s Limiting Their Imagination

Self-driving cars, extreme life extension, and global wifi provided by weather balloons: Google makes projects that sound like science fiction into reality at its secretive ... the importance and role ... read more

Personal genomics: where science fiction meets reality

In science fiction, this is a “not-too ... in personal genomics, and it has the potential to change medicine and society as a whole. But even if the future is bright, we’re still a long way from makin... read more

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