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Sandra Fluke's Protection Racket

On his radio show last Friday, Rush Limbaugh complained that Democrats try to "impugn and discredit the people who disagree with them." That was two days after Limbaugh called Georgetown law student ... read more

Grand Theft Terra Firma turns Canada's brutal history into a video game

One of the game-play panels from David Campion and Sandra Shields's Grand Theft Terra Firma ... "Mission: Playing the Governor, you must set up a protection racket making your play when the miners ... read more

China's protection racket has U.S. business in a bind

China's President Xi Jinping is running a great protection racket and U.S. businesses are paying the price. President Donald Trump's obsession with North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile ... read more

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The State as Protection Racket

The State has been reduced to a protection racket. By the time Ronald Reagan, imitating Margaret Thatcher, pledged to “get government off the back of the people”, the only “people” who counted were ... read more

Sen. Ulibarri set to introduce bill that allows illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS getting drivers licenses. So I get punished for not paying the government protection racket, while at the same time illegal immigrants get rewarded for breaking the law. The United ... read more

Whitemoor prison has highest proportion of Muslims in any British jail

A series of worrying reports on the establishment has revealed that inmates come under intense pressure to convert to Islam, which is treated by the most dangerous Muslims as a gang or protection ... read more

“If we don’t get East Jerusalem, we’ll make sure there is no peace in the region”

It is sometimes euphemistically referred to as a “protection racket” since the racketeers often phrase their demands as payment for “protection” from (real or hypothetical) threats from unspecified ... read more

New York Times’ Obama cheerleading harms the nation

The unflattering truth doesn’t stand a chance — ­until it is too late. Not that the president would admit any of that, of course, but the Obama Protection Racket, led by the Times, cuts both ways. It ... read more


When it came to threats of ''pay or else,'' Albert Tocco`s reputed protection racket wasn`t prepared for the likes of Steve Pasek. That is, until Pasek`s garage caught fire and his mother got a phone ... read more

Fire ants conquered America by monopolising calorie-rich food

The fire ants run a protection racket for aphids and other bugs, defending them from other attackers. In return, they get honeydew, a sweet nutritious liquid that the bugs excrete, after they suck the ... read more

DA’s office won’t dismiss cop killer’s conviction

“The Conviction Integrity Unit is nothing more than a Conviction Protection racket,” the lawyer said. Share this: Facebook Twitter Flipboard WhatsApp Email Copy ... read more

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