Russian MPs' sons are 'mobilised to cronies unit far away from front lines'

Kremlin politicians are accused of establishing a 'cronies' military unit in Ukraine far away from the frontlines of battle, so that they and their sons can serve without a risk of being killed. read more

New Russian campaign tries to entice men to fight in Ukraine

Advertisements promise cash bonuses and enticing benefits. Recruiters are making cold calls to eligible men. Enlistment offic ... read more

Russian town shocked by case of child's Ukraine drawing

In the Russian town of Yefremov, residents say they are shocked by the case of a father separated from his 13-year-old daughter because of her drawing criticising Moscow's offensive."Separating a ... read more

2 injured in blast in Russian town caused by drone

The blast occurred in the centre of Kireyevsk, located some 220 km south of Moscow. Read more at read more

Over 666,000 Russian Soldiers Are Now Dead, Injured; 100,000 Permanently Disabled: Report

At least 499,000 Russian soldiers have reportedly been wounded in the Ukraine war Ukrainian forces have injured or killed more than 666,000 Russian soldiers since Moscow launched its invasion in ... read more

Italy’s shift away from Russian gas clashes with its climate targets

Italy’s drive to wean itself off Russian gas and replace it with north-African imports has put the government of Giorgia Meloni on a collision course with its international climate agreements. The ... read more

Ukraine Army Eliminated 1,380 Russian Soldiers Over The Weekend; 47 Armored Vehicles Destroyed

The "extreme attrition" of Russian forces may have been the primary factor that caused Russia's assault on Bakhmut to stall, according to Western intelligence. read more

Lithuania to call for sanctions over Russian plan for nuclear weapons in Belarus

VILNIUS: Lithuania said on Sunday (Mar 26) it would call for new sanctions against Moscow and Minsk in response to Russia's plan to station tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The statement from Lith ... read more

Suspected Russian spy used Irish bank records to secure US college place

US legal complaint claims Sergey Cherkasov, a Russian national who used the alias Victor Muller while studying in Dublin, transferred thousands of euro from Irish bank to pay US tuition fees ... read more

Kyiv seeks Security Council meet to stop Russian 'nuclear blackmail' in Belarus

Putin announced Russia would station tactical nuclear weapons in neighbour and ally Belarus. Read more at read more

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