Breath that smells like rotten egg may be ‘indication’ of dangerous digestive conditions

Bad breath might be a sign of a serious health condition - especially if it smells like rotten eggs when you burp. read more

What Your Body Is Trying to Tell You If Your Pee Smells

Experiencing smelly urine isn't fun, but there are many causes (and treatments!) for foul, sweet or ammonia-like scents you should know about. read more

TB Smells Like Stale Beer, Diabetes Like Rotten Apples: Your Body Odour Can Tell A Lot About Your Health

Body odour is a mixture of bacteria and sweat on your skin. It can change under the influence of hormones, certain diets, infections and medications you might be taking. There could be several reasons ... read more

The Smell of Garbage

GARBAGE SMELLS. WELL, NOT ALWAYS, but anyone with a nose knows that garbage can stink. A bag of meat or diapers left in a garbage can on a hot, humid summer day can send a powerful message about ... read more

Is It Safe To Eat Produce That Has Touched Other Rotten, Moldy Foods?

Here’s what you should know about how spoiled fruits and vegetables can affect nearby items and how to decide whether it’s still OK to eat. read more

Google AI is as reliable as a human at describing what things smell like

Computer scientists at Google have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that can describe what something will smell like by its chemical structure. It uses an 'odour map' to visualise ... read more

Rotten apple dumped along highway, residents irked

Heaps of rotten apple dumped along the highway at Tipra village near Parwanoo are emitting a foul smell. The Parwanoo-based fruit processing plant of the HP Horticulture Produce Marketing & Processing ... read more

Why Does My Dishwasher Smell?

Your dishwasher may start to smell like rotten food if you run it infrequently: If dishes in your appliance are left dirty, they can start to attract bacteria and mold—which makes for a bigger ... read more

Mother claims her three children had stomach pains after going for a paddle and finding SEWAGE in the sea... but water firm says bad-smelling brown sludge is naturally ...

Emma Oldham, 33, claimed she and her three children encountered sewage the beach in Huttoft, East Lindsey, Lincolnshire. Above: The mother's video allegedly showing sewage. read more

This farmer-turned-biologist wants to put Quebec’s truffles on the culinary map

Jérôme Quirion has spent the past decade cultivating Quebec’s Appalachian truffle at his farm in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton. Unlike the more popular black and white varieties, these truffles are rust ... read more

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