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Riaa Identifies Top Youtube Mp3 Rippers And Other Pirate Sites - Latest News

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New Atlas RIAA identifies top YouTube MP3 rippers and other pirate sites Around the same time as Hollywood’s MPAA, the RIAA has also submitted its overview of “notorious markets” to the Office of the ... read more

Copyright Infringement and the DMCA: Ripping Music Off YouTube

The internet has radically transformed the way that people obtain information and share it with each other ... stream ripping site should appear at the top of any search result or app chart.” In ... read more

Kim Dotcom, Pirate King

Internet libertarians, already battling the RIAA and MPAA over copyright legislation in Washington, reacted with outrage. The hacking underground launched attacks on U.S. government websites. The ... read more

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World’s Largest YouTube Ripping Site Ordered to Shut Down

YouTube-mp3.org and sites like it typically extract audio files from music videos and distribute the sound recordings to users free permanent downloads. The pirate sites monetize the freebies through ... read more

Music Industry Asks Google Why It Doesn't Do More To Stop YouTube Stream Ripping

Last week, when an RIAA lawsuit forced YouTube-MP3 offline, we asked why Google has not worked to shut it down sooner. With other stream ripping sites still live, others in the music industry are now ... read more

Russian YouTube-Ripping Site Wins In US Court

... rippers are seen as the largest piracy threat to the music industry, and record labels are doing their best to shut them down. In 2017, YouTube-MP3, the world's largest ripping site at the time, ... read more

End of YouTube to MP3 converters? Leading video rip sites SHUT DOORS amid piracy crackdown

The action by the RISS, IFPI and BPI in California resulted in YouTube-MP3 agreeing to shutdown voluntarily. Soon afterwards the music industry set their sights on other YouTube ... of America (RIAA) ... read more

Popular YouTube-to-MP3 Site Dies Under Crushing Weight of Record Company Litigation

The operators of YouTube-MP3.org, a popular website for turning the audio tracks of YouTube videos into MP3s, have agreed to shut down the site and hand over the domain to the Recording Industry of ... read more

Still Ripping After All These Years

If you want to rip music ... popular site youTube-Mp3.org shut down last year, but many similar sites are still out there. I wouldn’t touch any of them, and if you value your device’s security, I ... read more

Accused music pirate turns the tables on the RIAA

I think I have just found my new hero. A 45 year-old single mother accused of stealing music on the internet (subsequently sued by the RIAA and vindicated) has now decided to turn the tables against ... read more

A List Of The World's Top Piracy Sites

The World's Top Piracy Sites: 2011 Notorious Markets List - The list below identifies particular markets in which ... While the Russia-based allofmp3 (formerly the world's largest server-based pirate ... read more

Google Releases Study Defending YouTube's Value To Music Biz; Trade Bodies Hit Back

The ongoing tussle between YouTube and the music industry took a new turn this week when Google assured everyone that its video platform doesn't have any negative impact on the other streaming ... ... read more

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