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Researchers Use Minecraft For Ai Research - Latest News

AI can learn real-world skills from playing StarCraft and Minecraft

Even AlphaStar’s creators at the London-based AI research company DeepMind ... with methods to make AIs forever learners, researchers are using another popular video game, Minecraft. While people may ... read more

Researchers use gene editing to make cells immune to HIV and other infections in Fred Hutch study

Other researchers at Fred Hutch are attempting to use the technology to directly remove diseases like HIV and viral hepatitis from the genome. Taylor initially received funding for the research from . ... read more

How we might protect ourselves from malicious AI

It can then use those ... years now, researchers have observed this phenomenon, particularly in computer vision systems, without really knowing how to get rid of such vulnerabilities. In fact, a paper ... read more

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Minecraft Earth Wants to Be the Next Pokémon Go—But Bigger

Apparently, some researchers working with Alex Kipman—the person who had headed up the HoloLens development and who oversees some of the company’s leading-edge work in AI—were setting ... Moreover, ... read more

This research is unlocking the next leap in AI (VB Live)

Presented by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. How are researchers working to advance on-device AI ... “Our research is helping apply deep learning technology into a much greater number of use cases ... read more

Researchers use Minecraft for AI research

Microsoft has made Project Malmo available for novice to experienced programmers on GitHub via an open-source license. It's a platform that uses the world of Minecraft as a testing ground for advanced ... read more

Microsoft’s Project AIX uses Minecraft for AI research

More and more researchers are actually using games to fuel and aid artificial intelligence research, most of the time by ... That is where Minecraft comes in. Sure, you can use a game like Super Mario ... read more

Framework improves continual learning for artificial intelligence

Researchers ... the research director of Salesforce Research. “This is called backward transfer, and occurs when you find that learning a new task makes you better at an old task. We see this in ... read more

Researchers make transformational AI seem 'unremarkable'

These teams include mid-level clinicians, such as nurse practitioners, social workers and VAD coordinators, who routinely use computers ... this research. Carnegie Mellon University. (2019, May 8). ... read more

AI researchers say San Francisco’s facial recognition ban just scratches the surface

Margaret Mitchell, a senior scientist at Google Research and Machine Intelligence ... that reviews proposed applications for its AI software — and occasionally turns down what it sees as unethical use ... read more

Artificial intelligence tool vastly scales up Alzheimer's research

To promote use of the tool, the researchers have made it and the study ... University of California - Davis Health. (2019, May 15). Artificial intelligence tool vastly scales up Alzheimer's research: ... read more

Minecraft Is a Testing Ground for Human-AI Collaboration

The blockish and slightly dorky computer game Minecraft may turn out to be a great place for humans and AI to learn how to work together. An experimental new version of the game, released by Microsoft ... read more

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