Gay man says that when he was younger, a girl was in a relationship with him just for a dare

I wanted someone to understand me but it seems that even those closest around me treated me as a disease”, the man wrote. read more

The real reasons Prince William and Prince Harry's relationship fell apart

T here was a time when Prince William and Prince Harry were the stuff of national fairytale: two cheeky brothers at the feet of their beautiful Princess mother, set to take on the ... read more

Dating? Know the right time to get intimate in relationship

There is no fixed time as to when you should get intimate in a relationship. But there are certain considerations that can help to make the right decision. read more

What are the red flag signals that can destroy a relationship

This is a typical red flag that someone is trying to sway your decisions, behaviours, or views. Instead of what is best for them, they are more preoccupied with their desires. Compromise and tolerance ... read more

Prince William's relationship with Harry 'irreparable' after Netflix series, says pal

Prince William is a "private" man reportedly said a friend who claimed that revelations by the Sussexes in their Netflix series are an anathema of everything he believes in ... read more

‘You need to be a little bit crazy to be here’: Nope star Brandon Perea on his breakout role and close relationship with Jordan Peele

Nope star Brandon Perea on his breakout role and close relationship with Jordan Peele - INTERVIEW: Tom Murray speaks to the ‘Nope’ scene-stealer about his past career as a professional breakdancer and ... read more

Harry and Meghan viewers amused after learning role Snapchat dog filter played in couple’s relationship

The duke and duchess shared the sweet insight into their relationship during the first episode of their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan. In the scene, Harry recalled that he and Meghan were ... read more

Prince William ‘unlikely to ever repair relationship with Prince Harry’ after ‘disrespectful’ Netflix doc, pal claims

PRINCE William is unlikely to ever repair his relationship with Prince Harry after his “disrespectful” Netflix documentary, a pal has claimed. The Prince of Wales is said to still be ... read more

'Relationships are built on trust': Prince William 'unlikely to repair relationship with Harry' after controversial Netflix series

Prince William is unlikely to repair his relationship with Harry after the controversial Netflix documentary, a friend has claimed. read more

Lewis Hamilton believes George Russell relationship won’t be ‘problem’ at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton is not foreseeing his relationship with George Russell becoming a "problem" for Mercedes in 2023, if they are quicker. read more

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