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Recreating the Neanderthal brain

Humans are the only living species of hominin, a tribe of great apes that also includes our shorter, stockier, stronger – and extinct – cousins, the Neanderthals. These prehistoric relatives originate... read more

Neanderthal brain organoids come to life

“We're trying to recreate Neanderthal minds,” Muotri says. “I'm a little envious,” says Todd Preuss, a neuroanatomist at Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Atlanta who is re... read more

Neanderthal ancestors died out because of the shape of their brains, not necessarily the size, according to latest research

To reconstruct a Neanderthal brain, the authors started by measuring the overall ... The authors report that the same process has been shown to effectively recreate the structure of a bonobo brain by ... read more

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Creating a computer-generated Neanderthal

He collaborated with Serkis and other leading scientists from around the world to recreate the Neanderthal character ... which fractured his skull, injured his brain and probably blinded him in one ey... read more

Neanderthal middle ear structure found to be closer to modern human than apes

The researchers suggest that the differences in ear bone structure between modern humans and Neanderthals appears likely due to differences in brain size. The diminutive middle ear ossicles (malleus, ... read more

How Men Lost Their Penis Spines

The researchers are also working to recreate the loss of the brain growth ... Kingsley said. The Neanderthal genome, for example, shows the same loss of both the brain growth and penile spine regulato... read more

Composer's Neanderthal recreation

A musical experience with a difference is being previewed at the National Museum Wales in Cardiff - an attempt to recreate the sound of the ... Thorne said: "Given that Neanderthal's man brain was abo... read more

On Not De-Extincting Homo neanderthalensis

Perhaps, unlike the chimeras he worries about, we would not slice, dice, sacrifice, and autopsy a Neanderthal baby the way we might a monkey with a human-like brain, but human history ... variations t... read more

Hollywood star Andy Serkis creates scientifically accurate Neanderthal avatar

He collaborated with Serkis and leading scientists from around the world to recreate one of ... injured his brain and most likely blinded him in one eye. Basing Ned’s body on a near complete skeleton ... read more

Neanderthals, troubles with children, and influential spiders – news from ESEB 2017

As he noted in the talk, this provides a valuable lesson in being modest about what will be possible in the future; the advent of high throughput DNA sequencing has of course now enabled sequencing of ... read more

Neanderthal's Gift Of Speech

Neanderthals were ... art constitute material evidence, brain structure and words clearly do not and cannot be analysed in the same way, so how do researchers study ancient speech capabilities? The an... read more

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