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Reading Popular Science Books In The Age Of Bad Science

I'm reading Charles Duhigg's book "The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business", and it's leaving me with an uneasy feeling. Duhigg is a great reporter, whose work in the New York Ti... read more

Abbreviated Science Round-up: Science of science, progress by death, molecular machines

By being here, by spotlighting some articles over others, by reading these articles ... In doing so, I’m mimicking the process that turns “journal science” into “popular science.” That adenosine recep... read more

Is a low-carb diet healthy? Science proves why diet fads like keto can't beat eating in moderation

His many books include "The Endurance Diet: Discover the World's Greatest Athletes' 5 Core Habits to Look, Feel, and Perform Better." Here we go again. Just when you thought it was settled science tha... read more

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5 Fast Facts About Billy the Kid

CONTRARY TO POPULAR BELIEF, HE PROBABLY WASN'T LEFT-HANDED ... Wikimedia Commons // CC BY 4.0 Sir Humphry Davy (above) left a huge mark on science. In the year 1808 alone, the man discovered ... read more

Deep breaths, parents, but maybe video games and screen-time are not as bad as you think

Video games are becoming more and more educational, and screen-time may not be as bad as we ... the staple book in teaching literacy, maths and science in the Infant rooms. But for O’Neill, making a d... read more

Why Is Everyone So Negative About Living to 120?

If science can prolong life ... living longer could have been influenced by popular culture. At a Future Tense event on Oct. 4 in Washington, D.C., Sonia Arrison, author of the book 100 Plus: How the ... read more

Science proves why low-carb diets like keto are all a scam

Just when you thought it was settled science that cutting carbs is the key to a leaner ... Hospital recently analyzed diet and mortality data from more than 15,400 middle-age men and women tracked ove... read more

How to use ‘Eighth Grade’ to jump-start some important conversations with your teen

She yearns for a popular ... reading: Why it’s so hard to get kids’ attention, according to science (and what to do about it) The real problem with rewarding kids for good grades and punishing them fo... read more

5 science-backed ways to break your phone addiction

We live in an age of anxiety ... make sure the phone is far away and a book is within reach. So now you're not just gritting your teeth trying to not check your phone. You're substituting a good habit ... read more

The Lucrative Underground World Of SMMA

That comes with the average age of members. Even the girls refer to other girls as bro! With some posts, I felt like I was reading the script ... an SMMA is becoming a science. read more

The Danger of Reading the Comments

It’s called Don’t Read Comments (@avoidcomments), and in its heyday it periodically tweeted things like “Nobody on their deathbed ever said, ‘I wish I had spent more time reading ... contradicts scien... read more

What Is Rune Casting & How To Use Them With The Tarot Cards

Runes have become popular again, perhaps due to a peak of intrigue caused by the video games and now it's making its way into real life television shows. But runes have been around since the Norse age ... read more

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