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Rare Disease That Caused Missouri Mans Painful Face Lesions Is Traced To His Cat - Latest News

68-Year-Old Man Develops Painful Boils on His Neck Linked to Infected Pet Cat

An unidentified man from Missouri developed a rare infection that caused swollen lesions to develop on the side of his face — and doctors believe it originated from his pet cat ... Signs of the diseas... read more

Man develops rare case of melanoma in the gums

A 45-year-old man in China who developed a large, dark discoloration of his upper gums had a rare type of melanoma ... When a biopsy showed the dark lesion was, indeed, cancerous, doctors removed not ... read more

Too-tight foreskin can cause inflammation

His foreskin gets so tight that it is painful to pull back ... had several cases where the first time diabetes is suspected is when the man has come in for balanitis. It may be caused by bacteria, yea... read more

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What's Eating You? 8 Terrible Parasites

But a 25-year-old man in California headed to the emergency room last year with a burning feeling and something squiggling under the white of his eye ... say that this is a rare occurrence," said Free... read more

Washington pertussis outbreak is very, very bad

Pertussis is a terrible, terrible disease. It puts infants at grave risk of dying, and eight infants so far this year have been killed by pertussis in the US. Even if it doesn’t kill them, it’s a horr... read more

No matter how often I read about treatments like this, I still can’t believe parents actually subject their children to them

It’s an abbreviation for “miracle mineral solution,” a solution first promoted by a man who is inaptly named Jim Humble ... Of course, Jim Humble doesn’t limit his use of MMS to just autism, but, like ... read more

Houston seven-year-old fools teachers into letting her leave school with a fake note

The girl's father, Charlie Dahu, told KTRK-TV that his daughter was wrong to write the note, but claimed that it was 'obvious it was written by a child. The note which was written on scrap paper read, ... read more

A final word on Marshall’s comments

It was Marshall’s first interview since he was suspended by the team on Aug. 28 for his poor behavior at practice during the preseason. Marshall returned from suspension on Sept. 6 and has declined to ... read more

A fraction of eligible women opt for HPV vaccine

One explanation may be the several adverse reactions associated with both of the vaccines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, documented "non-serious" adverse reactions inclu... read more

A pox on antivaxxers

The idea is to have what’s called a "Chicken pox party", where parents purposefully infect their kids with a disease that can put them at great ... putting you at risk for shingles as an adult, and ca... read more

What Does it Mean To Teach ID?

Conway, have shown how the strategy of denying climate change and evolution can be traced all the way back to big tobacco companies, who recognized early on that even the most well-documented scientif... read more

Horror that came back to haunt us: How do sex attack victims feel when cold case detectives want to re-open old wounds?

He had come into my house and I'd never been able to see his face ... with her cat and took sips of whisky to give her the courage to share her story with me. 'I want to talk to encourage other women ... read more

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