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Rare Blue Jellyfish Washing Up On Jersey Shore - Latest News

Rare Blue Button Jellyfish Wash Up At Jersey Shore As Result Of Hurricane Florence

BRIGHTON BEACH, N.J. (CBS) — A rare blue button jellyfish was spotted at the Jersey Shore. Wildlife experts believe the blue button jellyfish washed up on Jersey beaches as a result of Hurricane Flore... read more

Blue jellyfish make rare visit to Jersey Shore

Whether they cling, sting, or leave swimmers alone, jellyfish at the Jersey Shore tend to ... spotted two of the blue visitors on Brigantine Beach on Sept. 25. "The color is just amazing." These blue ... read more

‘Blue button’ jellyfish make rare Shore appearance

Blue button jellyfish discoveries on New Jersey beaches are “quite rare,” according to Bologna. He says the species were likely pushed toward the coast from the Gulf Stream, the warm current that runs ... read more

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Rare Blue Sea Creatures Litter New Jersey Beach After Hurricane Florence

v=ap&w=980&h=551&api=7db9fe61-7414-47b5-9871-e17d87b8b6a0 800w" > Rare ... New Jersey, were surprised to see blue, disc-shaped organisms with long, dark tentacles began showing up on shore. After a ... read more

More Than Two-Dozen Man O' Wars Wash Up At Jersey Shore This Summer

The periwinkle-blue blob that's washing up on Jersey Shore beaches is colorful...and dangerous...and becoming a lot more common. More and more of the jellyfish-like sea animal have been washing up on ... read more

Dozens of Portuguese Man of Wars washing up on Jersey Shore

worse than a normal jellyfish," said Mark DiLeo, the Lifeguard Captain. Not killers like their box-shaped cousins, but their stings really hurt. The experts say even washed up on sand, they can still ... read more

Why the Future Belongs to Jellyfish

Jellyfish: they’re the worst. From the dollar bill-sized jellies that wash up along the New Jersey shore to the deadly box jelly—the ... More from TIME: Code Blue—Saving Our Oceans In other words, jel... read more

Rare ‘vibrant’ blue sea creatures shock New Jersey beachgoers

New Jersey ... from the blue jellies that were spotted in Beach Haven last week?” one Facebook user asked. Bologna clarified they’re the same species, but it appears many more are washing up on the be... read more

Extremely Rare ‘Blue Button Jellyfish’ Washes Up Along Jersey Shore

BEACH HAVEN, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A mystery of the deep is unfolding in New Jersey after a rare sea creature washed ashore ... some reason I looked down and there were these incredibly blue jellyfish i... read more

Hurricane Florence pushed eye-catching blue jellyfish towards New Jersey

In a report from a local CBS affiliate, New Jersey resident Suzanne Schenker explains how she and her two dogs accidentally stumbled upon the rare jellyfish ... before eventually washing up on New Jer... read more

PHOTO: 'Very Dangerous' Man-O-War Washes Up on Jersey Shore

At least 30 venomous Portguese man o' war have been spotted on New Jersey beaches — one week after beachgoers got a rare sighting of the first jellyfish-like creature to wash up on Harvey Cedars ... t... read more

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