Messi or Ronaldo? Football's hottest debate rages on in Qatar

It may have been a rest day at the World Cup on Thursday but there was no stopping the football discussion that never ends - who is the better player, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo? With no games ... read more

Remote work debate rages on at credit unions nearly three years into pandemic

Many U.S. companies — including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley and Apple — have drawn attention for increasing pressure on employees to show up more at the office as COVID-19 concerns ebb. Some credit ... read more

Away From the Spotlight, a Debate Rages Over a Postwar Ukraine Economy

Beyond the enormous cost of rebuilding the country are difficult and delicate choices about how to best connect the nation to European markets and commerce. read more

Manipur’s raging debate over lifting liquor prohibition

Manipur's N Biren Singh government's decision to partially lift the three decade long liquor prohibition has given rise to a polarised debate. read more

Headscarf debate heats up ahead of Turkish vote

Turkey's Islamic-rooted ruling party will submit a constitutional amendment to parliament next week enshrining women's right to wear headscarves at work and in daily life, reviving a hugely divisive ... read more

Headscarf debate reaches Turkish parliament ahead of elections

Turkey’s Islamic-rooted ruling party today submitted a constitutional amendment to parliament enshrining women’s right to wear headscarves at work and ... read more

Debate rages over how U.S. lobster fishing affects endangered right whales

The North Atlantic right whale isn’t doing well. There are fewer than 350 of these stocky baleen whales believed to be left in the wild — and the numbers are shrinking. In the last six years, vessel ... read more

The VAR debate still rages on

Kaoru Mitoma's cutback for Ao Tanaka to give Japan a 2-1 lead was initially adjudged by South African referee Victor Gomes to have been from outside the field of play but the official reversed his ... read more

Debate over Cryptocurrency Rages on

Obinna Chima writes on the on-going debate over recent decision by the regulators to prohibit transactions on cryptocurrency in Nigeria’s financial system For close to one month after the ... read more

Jallikattu: Animal cruelty or Tamil Nadu's culture? The debate rages on

Another season of the popular bull-taming sport approaching, the Supreme Court has asked petitioners why they are against Tamil Nadu laws allowing it ... read more

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