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Quick Start Tips For Using The New Mssqlcli Sql Query Tool - Latest News

Getting Started with Microsoft Power Query for Excel

You can think of an ETL tool ... started using it. Power Query (code name for this feature was "Data Explorer") is a free Excel add-in (supported both in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013) which can be ... read more

Quick Tip: Testing Symfony Apps with a Disposable Database

Some developers mock database abstractions, and thus do not test the actual query. Others create a ... schema update tool using our entity metadata $metadatas = ... read more

10 SQL tricks that you didn’t think were possible

In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder invites readers to take a look at 10 SQL tricks. The article is a summary of his new, extremely ... MODEL a bit harder to use than MS Excel, but much more ... read more

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SQL Server Management Studio Tips

In your saved .sql script, just use the ... the SET values of the current session. SET options can affect how the query is execute thus having a different execution plan. You can find these options in ... read more

Guru: Arranging Query Logic in DB2 for i Routines

The UDTF can be invoked as shown here and will return the same result set as the stored procedure: Just a quick word of warning, be careful about using an ORDER BY in a UDTF as it will often be ... read more

SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.1: A first look

With SQL ... start looking at the new Azure Data Studio, which works across on-premises and cloud instances, with development and management tools as well as monitoring dashboards. Data scientists can ... read more

Using FileTables in SQL Server 2012

Using SQL Server ... and manually create a sub-folder called "SUVs". These items can be seen in Figure 6a. This will immediately populate the CarsDocStore table with file metadata, as evidenced by the ... read more

What is Quick Base? A low-code database platform for citizen developers

Become a Microsoft Office 365 administrator in record time with this quick start course from PluralSight.] “There are other database tools ... to query or report on or comment on that data. This is ... read more

Tips to Optimize Your SQL Statements - Part 1

Its intention is to provide a quick ... to use either the Identity column or an Integer column as the Primary Key and let SQL Server create a CLUSTERED Index on this Key. However it is worth trying ... read more

SQL Server Management Studio Reports and Dashboard

These new reports provide a quick easy way to print off a professional looking report for presentations or discussions. This article will examine the built in reports called SQL Server Management ... read more

SQL vs NoSQL: The Differences

SQL tables create a strict data template ... although most systems implement subtly different syntaxes. NoSQL databases use JavaScripty-looking queries with JSON-like arguments! Basic operations are ... read more

Generating .NET POCO Classes for SQL Query Results

A free tool ... SQL perspective, the SchemaOnly option forces the SQLDataReader to precede the command with a SET FMTONLY ON statement. Listing 1 shows the Visual Basic ADO.NET source code to obtain a ... read more

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