Prince Charles advised to ‘lean back into his past’ when he ascends throne

Prince Charles was recently surrounded by a series of donation controversies after which the Prince of Wales has been advised to 'lean into his past' to become a good king.The 73-year-old, who ... read more

Prince Charles 'whittling down time visiting charities' in preparation for throne takeover

PRINCE Charles has been "whittling down time visiting charities" in preparation for his role as King, a royal expert claimed. read more

Prince Charles dreads ‘vicious week’ of him becoming the monarch

Prince Charles might be receiving training to become a future king for years but he is reportedly dreading the day.Penny Junor spoke on Podcast Royal: “This is a moment that he has ... read more

Prince Charles faces constant battle over royal work and helping the environment

Prince Charles has spent over 50 years campaigning for the environment and it is clear that he faces a constant battle with his royal duties ... read more

Royal expert denies Charles 'becoming Prince Regent' amid Queen's health woes

Claims from Nigel Farage that the monarch is becoming increasingly sidelined by 'Prince Regent' Charles have been dismissed as 'gossip' by royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams ... read more

Prince Charles's new royal line-up exposed as future king planning monarchy shake-up

Prince Charles, who is next in line to the throne, has long been believed to be planning to create a more "slimmed down" monarchy when he takes over as head of the Royal Family. Speaking on the latest ... read more

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams denies claims Charles is 'effectively becoming Prince Regent' amid Queen's health struggles, saying her Majesty, 96, is 'mentally totally alert'

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has denied claims that Prince Charles is 'effectively becoming Prince Regent' amid the Queen's health struggles, during an interview with the Express. read more

Why Prince Charles Is ‘Terrified’ and ‘Dreading’ Taking Over the Throne, According to Royal Biographer

Here's why one royal author says Prince Charles is "terrified" of taking over the throne and really "dreading" that day. read more

Prince Charles' butler defends Prince Harry from claims he is destroying monarchy

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have been accused of destroying the monarchy following their allegations of racism in their Oprah interview in 2021. On the contrary, a palace aide said the ... read more

'Humiliated' resident of Prince Charles' designer village of Poundbury says she is being EVICTED by her private landlord for having too many plants outside her home

Jones, 49, says she was served an 'eviction notice' at her house in Poundbury, Dorset last week from letting agency Oracle Estates on behalf of the owners of the property. read more

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