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Postworkout Fueling For Short And Long Workouts - Latest News

Post-Workout Fueling For Short And Long Workouts

A runner’s post-workout fueling needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. In fact, they depend on several variables, including body size, metabolism, time spent exercising and the intensity level at which a wor... read more

Proper Workout Nutrition Tips to Have Your Best Season Yet

Eating nutritious foods allows for maximum performance in the water and fuels all throughout a workout. Post workout, eating well helps ... There’s no need to fuel with food for workouts under an hour ... read more

Post-Workout Eyeball Recovery is a Thing and Under Armour is Leading the Way

If you’ve ever gone trail running, hiking, golfed all day, or taken a brutal CrossFit class, you’ll know all types of exercise ... short of a scientific marvel. Somewhat skeptical, The Manual tried a ... read more

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Why stretching is (still) important for weight loss and exercise

During exercise, muscles are called upon to work. During this work, fuel is used up, waste products are created ... who wish to compete at their highest level multiple times during a short period. Ath... read more

Why chocolate milk is a great post-workout snack (but maybe not the best)

But to understand what your body needs post-workout, we need to first talk about what workouts do to you. Whether you’re running or lifting weights (or anything in between) your body is essentially us... read more

Nutrition for Peak Performance

Going too long ... after your workouts. A good pre-workout snack is high in carbohydrates and digests very quickly. Remember carbohydrates help to fuel your activity. Examples include, fruit juice, yo... read more

Post-Workout Nutrition: A Primer

Your investment of time will NOT yield the results you are looking for if sound post-workout nutrition ... resistance and/or endurance exercise, muscles will become depleted and damaged in the short r... read more

Eating breakfast before a workout could help you to burn more carbs during the day

Many personal trainers and fitness influencers swear by fasted training, but new research suggests that eating breakfast before a workout could "prime" your body to burn more carbs, and speed up your ... read more

‘I Eat Six Meals A Day To Get Ripped For Bodybuilding Competitions’

The plan she follows requires precise amounts of carbs, protein, and fat in order to fuel the specific results desired ... and they help her stay energized throughout a long workout. 8 p.m.: Post-work... read more

Fitness success: 7 ways to upgrade your workouts for better results

In short: If you don’t need ... For best results, your post workout meal should be the largest meal of the day and it should contain lots of protein. These calories will go to your lean tissue for fue... read more

Fuel up for fitness: Use food to get the most out a workout

Just like eating prior to a workout is important, getting the right nutrients after exercising is also a must. “When you’re a person that exercises, eating post workout is ... are eating for a short-t... read more

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