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Planet Hunting A Giant Leap For Citizen Science - Latest News

When the Hell Will We Find Planet Nine?

The hunt for Planet 9—a hypothetical ... these objects actually reinforces the idea that Planet 9 is out there. “Honestly, if I could control the future, I would have one of those citizen science proj... read more

What Is Citizen Science Good For? Birds, Butterflies, Big Data

No matter how unhip you feel wearing waders or hauling a butterfly net, citizen science is cool. That’s obvious from the boom in online projects that let you count penguins, hunt planets ... useful fo... read more

Is There a Giant Planet Lurking Beyond Pluto?

Plugging numbers for the six most distant TNOs into quick calculations on the blackboard, Batygin realized that the “perturber” must be a giant planet, also on a highly ... Laudable as these citizen-s... read more

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The People of Earth Need You to Hunt for Asteroids

To be more asteroid conscious, a new citizen science project called Asteroid Zoo asks you, the peaceful citizens of planet Earth, to lend your hands ... His group, along with citizen science giant Zoo... read more

From the Comfort of Home, Web Users May Have Found New Planets

Since the online citizen science project Planet Hunters launched last December ... Despite those differences, one of the two candidates could be a rocky, Earth-like planets (as opposed to a giant gas ... read more

4 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries Spotted by Satellite

By examining maps of the planet's surface taken from space ... She's used the money to create the citizen science platform GlobalXplorer, which allows anyone to analyze images from space in order to d... read more

Science in the Wild: The Legacy Of the U.S. National Park System

The parks currently are playing a key role both in global climate research and in efforts to determine how climate change will impact protected ecosystems — from the glaciers of Glacier National Park ... read more

Incredible First Discoveries From NASA's New Exoplanet-Hunting Spacecraft: TESS

including some that are giant planets, and some that are barely larger than Earth. But numbers don't do these discoveries justice. By looking at a few of these discoveries in detail, we can appreciate ... read more

This Week’s Night Sky: See Mercury Take Flight

Check out the IDSW web site for ways to explore your local skies through cool citizen science projects, and learn how you can raise awareness of light pollution and help conserve your night sky. Zodia... read more

The world's first astronomers

As the world's oldest continuous culture, Aboriginal people can make the claim to be the world's first astronomers ... in science. "The Aboriginals were actually quite sophisticated, they used the sta... read more

Scientists have evidence that there could have been life on the Moon

When Neil Armstrong set foot on the Moon’s surface in July 1969, it was not only a giant leap for mankind ... It is thought the Moon was formed 4.5 billion years ago when a large planet, which scienti... read more

Astronomers Discover Planet Hotter Than Most Stars Where a "Year" Lasts 1.5 Days

It's a low-cost means of planet hunting using mostly off-the-shelf technology ... and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The team's Nature paper, "A giant planet undergoing extreme-ultrav... read more

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