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Picking The Right Bond Etfs During A Flat Yield Curve - Latest News

February Yield Curve Update: The 1-Year Spike

The trend in the yield curve continues to be ... the regression equations in the top-right. Positive is normal, slightly positive is flattening, zero is flat, and negative is inverted. read more

How To Pick The Right Muni Bond ETF

Story continues An increase in rates during the ... taxable equivalent yield is the yield that a taxable fund would have to earn in order to pay the taxes and equal the nontaxable return on a muni ETF ... read more

Do Rate-Hedged Bond ETFs Work?

At the long end of the yield curve are iShares ... Long-Term Corporate Bond ETF (NYSE Arca: IGBH), an actively managed portfolio that uses Treasury note swaps—primarily of three tenors—to hedge away r... read more

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Smart Beta: How to Avoid Fixed Income’s “Crocodile Jaws”

Choosing the right ... ETFs have a liquidity that exceeds the actual underlying bond liquidity because they trade so much in the secondary market. A strategy whereby maybe you’re trading a corporate b... read more

The One Statement From Fed Which Most Disturbed Markets

The sentiment in the markets is decidedly negative right now ... we have short-dated bonds rising while longer bonds are not only "not rising" - they have come lower. The signals of this flat yield cu... read more

From Rogues to Riches: How ETFs are Lining Wall Street's Pockets – While Picking Yours

Today, investors can find exchange-traded funds that offer exposure to all kinds of risk instruments – from currencies and bonds, to thin slices of the yield curve and volatility ... so frequently? Th... read more

The Day The Vix Doubled: Tales of ‘Volmageddon’

Strategies that use volatility as an input to shape their exposures – commodity trading advisers (CTAs), volatility-targeting funds, and the like -- had seen their assets swell during a cycle ... rela... read more

Will high yield come into its own post tapering?

For high yield ... curve,” he says. “It’s akin to picking up nickels in front of a steamroller—investors could get run over.” Liquidity in high yield bonds is so poor that active trading undermines pe... read more

Yield Curve 101: The Ultimate Guide for ETF Investors

Often referred to as the “safe haven” asset class, bonds ... economy. A flat curve also indicates that the economy may be headed for an economic slowdown [see also 3 Market Valuation Indicators ETF In... read more

American Equity Investment Life Holding (AEL) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call Transcript

That's right ... bonds than we expect for the full year. The structured securities market is typically slow in January but has begun to pick up, and we expect our new money investment yield ... read more

Oil Surge Is Creating High-Yield Opportunities

My knee-jerk reaction is always to buy shares of small E&P companies, as those enterprises are generally levered to crude prices both through financial leverage and flat corporate ... a search for yie... read more

How I Plan To Profit From The Coming Recession And Bear Market

In the event that a recession is likely (yield curve is inverted) then instead of BIL I'll be buying the Vanguard Long-Term Treasury ETF ... during the runup to and during a recession, long-term ... read more

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