PLATELL'S PEOPLE: It's time for the King to take off the kid gloves and defend his family given the hatred in Harry and Meghan's new Netflix series

‘They perform in front of millions of people, so their image is very important,’ he says. Image? It’s goals we care about, Ahmed! A sad sign of the times. Outside my North London home, where Tories ... read more

Massachusetts library refuses to put up annual Christmas tree because it made people UNCOMFORTABLE

Dedham Public Library officials refused to put up their annual Christmas tree because it made people too uncomfortable to look at. read more

Free condoms: France is making condoms available to all young people after learning a startling percentage of its population doesn't use protection

French President Emmanuel Macron announced the new measure on Friday, saying the country is "not good" on matters of sexual health. read more

Maria Uzor: 'I've had people cry to shut down the conversation'

Maria Uzor, who was a singer with post-punk dance duo Sink Ya Teeth, said she been asked the question multiple times. "When you've experienced racism, it makes you hyper-sensitive to the subtleties of ... read more

Four people arrested as part of inquiry into Gulf state buying EU influence

Belgian police seized cash and searched 16 properties across Brussels during major investigation into corruption and money laundering ... read more

People Around The World Are Sharing Their Uncommon Advice For How They Improved Their Sleep, And I Plan On Using Every Single One

"I was on medication for a while to help with my sleep, and it never worked nearly as well as this did!"View Entire Post › ... read more

Jesse Watters: Big Tech, the media and Democrats are why the American people don't trust elections

Fox News host Jesse Watters blasts former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for censoring conservatives and content on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.' ... read more

Britain's jobless crisis fuelled by benefits anomaly that encourages people to work just two days a week

Quirk in system means people have little incentive to take on extra hours Britain’s worklessness crisis is being fuelled by a benefits system anomaly that encourages people to work just two days a ... read more

The Bishop of Oxford: ‘The Church is seen as unjust because of its treatment of LGBTQ+ people’

Outspoken Anglican bishops with radical ideas were once familiar figures in our national life – Robert Runcie, David Jenkins and, more recently, Rowan Williams. Of late, though, they have kept a lower ... read more

People honor Joseph Augustus Zarelli at Ivy Hill Cemetery

CBS3's Joe Holden was the first to tell you about the breakthrough in the Boy in the Box case. The 4-year-old was found dead 65 years ago, his body stuffed in a cardboard box. read more

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